In the Amur region soldier shot five colleagues from the machine

The tragedy took place on one of the polygons in the Amur region. While there a soldier for an unknown reason, opened fire from the automatic weapon on his colleagues. As a result, three people died, two others with injuries were taken to the hospital. The shooter taking the gun away.

photo: Alexander Chernushenko

Of the accident in the Amur region, according to a press release of the Ministry of defense of Russia. It says that the tragedy took place during a scheduled night firing.

Yet, for unknown reasons, one of the soldiers “fired the gun in the direction of the group waiting to exit the firing line”.

In the shooting at the scene, died an officer and two soldiers. Another two soldiers were taken to hospital, where they were given all necessary assistance.

The press release says that the soldier who opened fire, escaped from the landfill site together with the machine. After this part of the command, as well as law enforcement agencies took measures for his search.

“As probable causes of the incident covers all versions, including a breakdown of the soldier”, – the document says.

At the direction of the Minister of defence on the scene sent a Commission headed by the chief of army staff.

Development: “the Carnage on the ground in the Amur region staged a corporal from Dagestan”

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