“In the U.S. 27 years later arrested the suspect on the case about the clown-killer

– US police arrested a woman on suspicion of murder of the inhabitant of Florida Marlene Warren, which occurred in 1990. It reminds CNN that the killer was wearing a clown suit and shot the victim on the threshold of her own home.

Arrested in this case 54-year-old Sheila keen who 12 years after the murder married the widower Warren. She was detained in Virginia, when she rode in the car with her husband.

In the decades of the investigators had enough evidence and the case went unsolved in the archives, so far in 2014, the Sheriff’s office again did. Witnesses recalled that, according to rumors, the husband of Marlene Warren Michael was having an affair with Sheila Keane, whom he married in 2002.

The alleged killer in a clown suit with painted face rang the doorbell Marlene Warren, in her hands she held a bunch of balloons. She gave balls his victim and shot her in the face.

The owners of the costume shop I learned in kin Sheila the shopper who purchased the outfit of a clown. On one of the balls was written “You’re the best” – this was sold only in one store in the city. The staff of the supermarket described the woman like CIN, which bought the balloons a few hours before the murder.

That the suspect bought a suit, was known 27 years ago. But then the woman explained that she bought it for promotions of your company for the sale of used cars. The police could not find direct evidence sufficient for arrest.

In 2017, such evidence appeared, also, helped not available in 1990, the technology of DNA analysis. Sledovateli did not specify what DNA tests were conducted, however, earlier it was reported that the car they’re driving is a criminal, they found hair and skin.

Keane charged with first-degree murder. It will be extradited to Florida, the local Prosecutor has not said yet whether it will be for it to claim the highest measure. Michael Warren has not yet filed any charges.

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