“More than four thousand customers “VIM-Avia” will return from overseas on Saturday

– Over four thousand of tourists stranded because of the problems of the company “VIM-Avia” in Turkey and other countries will return home on Saturday, reported “Interfax” the head of the Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov.

“It is planned to export about 4 thousand for Saturday. Mainly from Turkey,” he said.

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Previously, Safonov said that by Monday should be taken all the tourists who were delayed overseas due to stop activities of “VIM-Avia” on September 25. All the time they spent in hotels, where they placed the tour operators. “We hope that, starting from 2-3 October, all refunds will be carried out in a planned manner,” – he stressed.

The head of Rostourism reminded that export flight carries not only the “VIM-Avia” and other airlines, including foreign – Atlasglobal, Ellinair, and many others.

“For export also joined the airline “Georgian Airways”, – he said. – I will remind that Minister of transport, it was decided that if the airline is willing to operate flights, to give her that opportunity, so that tourists can come back home.”

The situation with the flight “VIM-Avia” has escalated over the weekend. After a series of delays, which affected thousands of passengers, the airline on September 25 officially admitted that they do not have the resources to continue the work and cease to operate charters. Abroad at this time was almost 39 thousand thousand tourists with tickets “VIM-Avia” more than 60 thousand bought tours transportation airline, but did not have time to fly. Transporting passengers under the control of the Ministry of transport and the Federal air transport Agency has joined other airlines.

On the eve of the Basmanny court of Moscow has passed the decision on house arrest of the chief accountant of “VIM-Avia” Catherine Panteleeva and CEO of the airline Alexander Kochnev accused of stealing passengers.

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