“Supporters of the separation of Catalonia spent the last before the referendum rally

In the region tightened additional police forces from all over Spain to avoid a vote

Photo: epa/vostock-photo

Tens of thousands of supporters of independence of Catalonia came out around the region at the latest before the planned Sunday referendum rallies, reports “bi-Bi-si”.

The head of the authority Carles Putteman, speaking in Barcelona, said that he had no doubt that Catalunya this weekend will make the first step on the road to independence.

“Friends, victory is inevitable. Let’s put on festive clothes on Sunday and go to change history,” he said.

Meanwhile, official Madrid has dispatched thousands of police, trying to prevent the referendum. They were instructed to ensure that social and public institutions are not used as places to vote. Has confiscated a huge quantity of documents and materials on the plebiscite.

Google at the request of the court removed a special application that pointed out nearby places to vote. Those who managed to download the app, continue to use it.

The courts also banned the plebiscite in Catalonia, but local authorities are determined to hold a referendum in the region, where about 7.5 million people. As expected, Sunday will be more than two thousand polling stations.

As recalled by “bi-Bi-si”, Catalonia has its own language and rich culture, she was given extensive rights of autonomy, but the Catalans are not considered a separate nation. Separatist sentiments in the region are as strong as ever over the last five years, but the 2015 local elections of the party campaigning for a United Spain, received an impressive 40% of votes.

In Catalonia, there are approximately 16% of the Spanish population. About 25.6% of Spanish exports are produced in Catalonia commodities. 19% of Spanish GDP provides this autonomy. In Catalonia goes 20.7% of foreign investment. Debt Catalonia is 35.3% of GDP.

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