The names of those killed in the Amur region troops

An informed source revealed details of soldiers, who were shot by the corporal from Dagestan Hasan Abdulahatov the day before during a practice shoot on the ground near Belogorsk in the Amur region.

When shooting, staged at the landfill, September 29, 23-year-old corporal Abdulahatov, killing the company commander Egor Uvkin, reports “Interfax”. He was 28 years old. The officer graduated from the Kemerovo higher command school. The deceased commander left a wife and small child.

In addition, fatal injuries were received by two 20-year-old soldiers Matthew Bernikov and Andrey Ozerov. Where they were drafted into the army not reported.

Also, the source did not name the two soldiers who were hospitalized with injuries.

Earlier it was reported that a native of Dagestan opened fire at the landfill in the area of Transport Belogorsk, firing the gun at the group of soldiers, waiting to exit on the firing line.

After this Abdulahatov escaped, taking the weapon and was liquidated by a group of anti-terror as armed resistance.

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