“The NBA has demanded that players stand to listen to the national anthem USA

The national basketball Association (NBA) has sent a special memo to all 30 of the club League, in which team members are required to stand when the national anthem of the United States.

ESPN quotes the words of Deputy NBA Commissioner Mark Tatum, who threatened that the League will punish players who violate this rule. He stressed that this rule has long existed and documented.

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Tatum stressed that players and coaches can Express their views on the current political situation in the country, making a special appeal before the first matches of the season.

The theme of the behavior of the athletes during the execution of the US national anthem has become one of the most scandalous in the country, after some of the players in the National football League are sticking on one knee during the national anthem, protesting against “the treatment of blacks in the United States.”

Recently it drew the attention of the President of the United States Donald trump, who urged fans to boycott matches of the NFL and the owners of the clubs recommended to punish players for “disrespecting the national anthem”.

Trump’s remarks led to criticism from representatives of other sports including basketball “Golden state Warriors”. The President in response to the comments of the players has withdrawn the invitation of the team at a gala dinner in the White house.

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