“The police sealed 1.3 thousand polling stations in Catalonia

Supporters of the referendum barricade in schools in which there should pass voting

Photo: epa/vostock-photo

– The police sealed the entrances to 1.3 thousand schools that October 1 was supposed to function as polling stations for the referendum on the independence of Catalonia, said on Saturday newspaper El Pais.

In мире30 Sep 2017Сторонники of separation of Catalonia spent the last before the referendum mitigating read more

At the same time in 163 schools and colleges are people who participate in previously organized social events. The police warned them that they should leave the building until 06:00 am October 1, local time.

Earlier Generalitat of Catalonia stated that from 9:00 to 20:00 local time opening will be more than 2.3 thousand sites.

The government of Catalonia plan to hold a referendum on independence from Spain on Sunday 1 October. The participants will have to answer the question: “do You Want to Catalonia became an independent state with a Republican form of government?”.

Spain’s constitutional court considers the vote illegal.

Last Thursday, as reported by local media, the Spanish police have seized about 2.5 million ballots and envelopes for voting at a referendum in one of the cities of Catalonia.

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