Starring role of Maxim Matveeva, it became a women’s: a sensational statement in “Snuff”

Play Evgeny Pisarev “Kynaston” will go down in the history of the theatre is the fact that he opened the artist — and this is a rare phenomenon. And the artist is well known and popular in film and theater, caught in the gossip columns due to life circumstances (married to Elizaveta Boyarskaya), although never suffered acting exhibitionism. Maxim Matveev — the notebook beautiful. Reputation too goodie still provided him with relevant offers from the film industry and the theatre: noble officers word and honor, in a word, those positive men who are forced to suffer beautiful women. But this time the hero Matveeva — a historical figure, a popular English actor who lived in the seventeenth century: his fate and formed the basis for the play Jeffrey Hatcher’s “Female stage beauty” (the poster is listed as “Kynaston”).

Photo: the Moscow theatre directed by O. Tabakov.

Kynaston — a role not even on the resistance, and the total scrapping. Kynaston isn’t a man, although formally considered. He is an artist who in the English theater of the XVII century plays female roles. Of course, this historical fact requires clarification in detail: in Shakespeare and other English theatres adult men played women, but women and girls — teenagers, and as long as they did not break the voice. Them specially and have long prepared for such roles.

Prepared and Kynaston, and, apparently, perfectly, if his Desdemona, the audience crazy. And in his shop he is a star, acknowledged the legislator in the implementation stage of female images. In a word, Kynaston as the Canon. And so he szhilsya with their heroines, as in life, moved to the role of women. Coquetry, whims, outfits, promiscuous ladies set and has mastered skillfully.

But… acting fate is changeable and dependent on the will of the king. And king Charles II returned from the French exile, where had seen another theatre, he commanded the stage to go, not only men but also women — here the star of Kynaston, and turned back.

Two different Kynaston introduces Maxim Matveev. In the first act he is spoiled(th) king of the stage. But in this star, and the natural femininity of the hero from Matveev no sustainable stamp, usually the transmitting behavior of transvestites: conscript gait from the hip, whimsical tone of voice, made under the women, etc. the Artist, pretty thin (especially for the role threw 20 kg), not to exaggerate the visual image of your hero/heroine. Yes, he is graceful in movement and gait, but only to the extent, a violation of the traits that is fraught with parody and vulgarity. He’s spoiled, he’s gullible, he’s corrupt. But not about transvestites and homosexuals, which is in the theater at the time was no more than in life, the performance Pisarev.

Photo: the Moscow theatre directed by O. Tabakov.

The main theme emerges sharply in the second part where Kynaston is another: broken, lost work and its recognition. He’s unemployed, at the bottom of life, among the suspicious rabble, losing human dignity, but because all the forces trying to preserve the dignity of the professional. From the charm and no former trace: Matveev plays a drama. And here you can see the artist, his potential is first opened. Craftsmanship is particularly evident in the second act, the scenes of obscene dances in the scenes of rivalry with the real competitor (Anna chipovskaya).

Taste and measure, determine the staging of Yevgeny Pisarev in his Pushkin theater, and “the Actor” on the stage of the new “Snuff” is no exception. Here, conciseness is a dual mass scenes, the installation of subtle Comedy and vulgar farce. Even decoration Zinovy Margolin in the form of a platform — not a sign of celebration and vitality, but rather in such a precarious balance, which on a whim can easily be broken: raised to a height or dropped to the bottom, where it is not always returned. Tragicomedy in clear proportions, the strict graphic quality on several levels.

So, the top suddenly there is a king (Vitaly Yegorov) — quite a democratic-secular-progressive, and the manifestation of his decorative and metasciences furnished as though he had lost a card from the deck, which is reshuffled. And the map that was marked. The owner of the theater, where the “stars” Kynaston, performed by Mikhail Khomyakov is simple and cynical: that everything is for sale, as the butcher — today, the public demand for men in skirts, and tomorrow he without further ADO changes them for the goods of women’s. And not a villain he is, and the nice-realist.

Photo: the Moscow theatre directed by O. Tabakov.

In addition to the two masters of “Snuff-boxes” of Khomyakov and Egorova, as well as invited from the Vakhtangov theatre Kirill Rubtsov “the Actor” is the actor’s set of College Tabakov recent years, young artists — mostly on the third cast or act possessed the crowd like a runaway from the paintings of Goya (very appropriate in these scenes, phantasmagoric costumes Maria Danilova). But… zakalennye received “basement” theatre carte Blanche, not all of them fit perfectly into the ensemble. I would point out, perhaps, only one — Vasiliy Neverov, who drew attention with his play in the graduation performance “On the busiest place” (directed by Vitaly Yegorov).

In “Kynaston” tickets do not get it, that proves once again: the performances Pisarev, able to do cash talented performances to a wide audience. And, not fashion Directors call to improve charges in other theatres, including fashion.

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