To a possible collision of Earth with a giant asteroid remains about a week

Less than a fortnight to the Earth approaching asteroid, larger than the famous Chelyabinsk. Its existence known only a few years since, when a space boulder of gigantic proportions was spotted during his “trial” approach to our planet. Scientists estimate that at this time, the asteroid will approach at a much shorter distance.


In the field of view of the astronauts object 2012 TC4 came in 2012, which determined the first part of its name. It was then that the experts have calculated the diameter of the asteroid, its mass, and the future trajectory of the flyby – all hope – Land.

According to scientists, 12 October, the asteroid will fly at a distance 44880 kilometers, which is about half the distance to the moon. By the way, in order for a space object was recognized as potentially dangerous, it needs to be from the planet at a distance of not more than twenty times further than its natural satellite. Given that the asteroid’s trajectory varies somewhat, a number of scientists believe that once 2012 TC4 can indeed collide with Earth.

However, this October, according to astronomers, the chances of asteroid collision with our planet equal 0,00055%. But if he hits the Ground once, the consequences can be catastrophic.

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