“I’m a delicate flower”: actor Pashinin “enjoying life” in the Donbass

Russian actor Anatoly Pashinin explained why did not want to join the Armed forces of Ukraine, and chose a volunteer battalion of “Aratta”. According to him, mandatory for his condition is the desire to “enjoy life”.

photo: youtube

“I’m a delicate flower, I need certain conditions, so I can enjoy life and it’s not APU. It should be volunteers. I was like Diogenes, in the afternoon with fire you are looking for the person here in whom spit, hit a man. Besides, the atmosphere allows you to meet”, — quotes pashinina edition of “Explorer”.

According to the Russian actor, the only “clout” that he received when injected into a volunteer battalion, – the ability to queue to get to the front.

“In our battalion me to pull for beautiful eyes, so to speak, threw a “zero”, and, of course, need to prove myself to you there took. Because people here don’t want to leave,” — said Pashinin.

According to him, currently in Ukraine there is a real cultural genocide, which strongly contribute to the TV and the cream of Russian show business. For this reason, the country forgets real artists, and valuable cultural figures.

About the entry of Russian citizenship Anatoly pashinina the ranks of volunteers, the ATO became known last August. In September, the media published rumors about his death that was false.

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