“Russian weightlifters in the investigation of the doping check on a polygraph

– Russian weightlifters on a voluntary basis will be tested on a polygraph, the head of the anti-doping Commission of the Federation of weightlifting of Russia (FTAR) Alexander Petrov at a press conference in Moscow.

“We have cases of sabotage within the team. It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but such cases, when the athlete could not explain how his body got a prohibited substance, there are. To prevent such cases, we decided that the teams that are preparing for the competition phase, on a voluntary basis, in case of detection of a prohibited substance will be tested on the system a polygraph,” said Petrov.

“This should serve as a warning and pursues the preventive purpose to avoid sabotage of the athletes within teams,” he added.

On Saturday, the international weightlifting Federation (IWF) announced the decision of the Executive Committee of the organization suspend Russia’s participation in international competitions under the auspices of the IWF for a year for violating anti-doping rules. Removed those countries, three or more specimens which were caught breaking anti-doping rules during the rechecking of doping samples from the Olympic games in 2008 and 2012. In addition to Russia, also removed the national teams of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, Moldova, Turkey and Ukraine.

Thus, Russians and representatives of other distant countries will miss the world Cup which will be held from 28 November to 5 December in Anaheim (USA).

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