“Renata and Zemfira — exceptional pair!”

The audience discussing the rumors that Zemfira and Renata Litvinova supposedly “married” in Sweden they do not comment on this information, no official confirmation of her no. We talked with a representative of the LGBT community on the registration of same-sex marriage abroad.

Photo: facebook.comRenata Litvinova.

– Renata and Zemfira — exceptionally bright, independent and talented couple. And whatever these two did, we will always adore them, as welcome any movement that brings people happiness. Because love, as the soul, doesn’t have a gender! says Elias Regul, chief Director of Metropolitan ApoGay theatre.

– Is it true that they got married?

– Honestly, we thought pretty long ago, back in 2009. They most of the time in Europe. But if the stars say that it is not, why should I say otherwise?! It is important for us to be happy and successful in life and in art.

– >Actually, that gives same-sex partners marrying? He’s in Russia is not recognized.

– In Russia it is necessary only for the soul. But if a couple has property abroad, the registration will help her regulate including property relations. For example, to enter the inheritance.

– Are you married?

– Yes, since 2009. We Stas (the name of my partner) got married at the town hall in Kirkenes, it’s Finnmark, Norway. I was 32, and Stas 35. We even had a wedding.

Is it really religion that allows?

– First, the mayor of Kirkenes has painted us in the town hall, then pastor crowned in a local Church under the organ and choir. it was like a movie. The pastor asked: “are you Willing to take for the wife of this man? Are you ready to God to be with him in grief and joy? In wealth and poverty?…The exchange of rings and kisses!” Then we were showered with rice — to attract prosperity and fired over the heads of pigeons for peace and harmony. There were fireworks and a Banquet in the restaurant.

– You do what is needed? Any legal privileges?

– Why just legal? Offer hands and hearts for us — it is the same gesture that speaks of seriousness, as in “traditional” couple… In Russia, the legitimate families usually want to create same-sex partners closer to 40 years. When there are thoughts that calm to age and the like. And in Europe and the us, and even same-sex couples begin to marry after 50, after 60 years, when children and grandchildren have grown up and no one will accuse the grandparents in a “bad example”. Besides, in the West seniors feel free: they are financially stable and do not depend on their children.

Where more often marry Russian same-sex couples?

– Before most were painted in Switzerland, now in Denmark. The Danes not only record same-sex marriages of Russians on its territory, but also allow citizens to sign in their consulates in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Sweden, Finland and Norway to the cleaners too. But while registering marriages of foreign same-sex couples only on its territory. This usually happens at the city hall. And if the couple is a believer, and a Church wedding. When register pair is given the same marriage certificate as throughout the European Union with the official stamp and in two languages — the language of the registration of marriage of the country and the language of the citizens.

But in Russia the marriage is still not valid!

– Yes, in Europe issued a certificate of marriage does not correlate with the Russian legislation. But it is in the framework of international law. And Russia is the subject of this right. But most couples do it just for yourself. Shining moment, a memory.

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And here is how explains the situation Viktor Vorobyov, a lawyer, a specialist in international and public law:

– International law issues of marriage and family are relegated to national law. The Russian Family code establishes the conditions under which Russia has recognized marriages between Russian citizens, prisoners abroad. These two conditions: compliance with the marriage law of the country of marriage and the absence of obstacles imposed by article 14 of the law (incapacity, close kinship, the presence of another marriage).

The validity or invalidity of a marriage is determined by the law of the country, which was used at its conclusion. So technically such a marriage should be recognized in Russia as the requirement of “heterosexuality” the couple stated in another article of the Family code in the above list of barriers to recognition misses.

However, the practice, as far as I know, is on the path of expansion of the interpretation of the restrictions and the Russian authorities entered into abroad by same-sex marriages between Russian citizens do not recognize.

With the marriages of foreign citizens, prisoners abroad, no such problems: they are recognized in Russia if they do not contradict the legislation of the country of marriage, without any additional restrictions.

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