The court stopped the termination of guardianship by mother, removed her chest

Termination of guardianship the mother of many children from Ekaterinburg Julia Savinovskih suspended by the court: recall that it was initiated due to the fact that the woman has removed her increased post-pregnancy Breasts.


On the suspension of termination of the contract announced from the courtroom defending Savinovskih the lawyer “Agora International” Alexey Bashmakov.

“We asked the court, — he told, — on the termination of this absurd case. Guardianship is not entitled to assert such claims. Officials also filed a motion for suspension of proceedings on the claim until the decision enters into force on the first case of actual removal of children from families, which we appealed in the court. The judge went to the deliberation room, after which he suspended the proceedings”.

Recall that two adopted children Savinovskih (also the woman three children) were removed from her custody on the basis of an unscheduled inspection conducted on August 27. Officials said the reason for this supposedly seen them dirty floor in the apartment.

This protection Savinovskih and the woman argue that the real cause was the operation to remove a breast, due to confinement under the seventh dimension.

“This operation can not be the reason for such harsh actions of officials”, — said Bushmanov.

In the situation Savinovskih promised to intervene a number of deputies of the state Duma, sent the appropriate requests.

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