The Pushkin Museum has acquired visited “Butyrka” the book of the poet

State Pushkin Museum October 4 celebrated the 60-letie. On this day it was enriched with rare books monument from the collection of the head of Rospechat Michael Seslavinsky.

photo: courtesy of the press service of Rospechat

It miraculously preserved third volume of “Letters” by A. S. Pushkin (Moscow; Leningrad: Academia, 1935) from the library of Butyrskaya prison, as evidenced by numerous cliches. One of them says: “Butyrskaya prison gugb [General Directorate of state security]. Any damage to the books and notes on the cover and in the text with a pencil, match, nail, etc. shall terminate the issuance of books.” Another stamp — “Butyrsky prison of the NKVD”.

photo: courtesy of the press service of Rospechat

After the revolution of 1917, the infamous “prison” found its library, according to some sources is quite large, where it was widely represented works of the classics of Russian literature.

Presenting a unique instance, Mikhail Seslavinsky, said: “Judging by the condition of the book, it was very popular among prisoners. In this shabby little volume succinctly presents the history of the Russian intelligentsia”.

Unica will take pride of place in the Museum’s collection.

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