Archaeologists have questioned the authenticity of the relics of St. Nicholas, discovering the “real” tomb

Probably the body of a revered Orthodox and Catholic churches of St. Nicholas of Myra on this day rests in the Turkish city of Demre. This statement was made by archaeologists recently discovered an intact temple in the area. The specialists suggested that the relics of the Saint worshiped by believers, in fact, may represent the remains of another Bishop.


Nicholas of Myra is often called Saint Nicholas or Saint Nicholas. In Christianity he is the patron Saint of travelers, prisoners and orphans. He is venerated in the Orthodox, Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran and Oriental churches. St. Nicholas became a kind of prototype for the character of Santa Claus, the Western European folk character who gives gifts to children on Christmas. In Russia the veneration of St. Nicholas was very common, and the number of temples dedicated to him and written of icons was the highest after the virgin. His name until the beginning of XX century in Russia was one of the most popular in the naming of babies. In Russia St. Nicholas is the most revered saints.

Originally Saint Nicholas was buried in the Church of the Worlds — a city in the Confederation of ancient Lycia, today called Demre and is located on the territory of modern Turkey. According to General belief, may in 1087 Italian merchants transported the relics of the Saint and placed them in the crypt of the Basilica of St. Nicholas in Bari, where the most part is today. The faithful believe that these relics can heal the disease and in many other ways to help those who are to be touched. In the spring of this year the relics of the Saint were brought to worship in Russia.

Some time ago, while conducting technical and archaeological work in Demre was discovered undamaged temple. Experts who have studied this temple for three months, assume that its territory can be the untouched tomb of St. Nicholas. Allegedly, this version is already supported by some experts.

According to the head of the Department of monuments of Antalya Djemila Karabina, discovered on the territory of the temple discovered a special area where the burial can be located. Work is being done slowly, because the experts strive in the future to recreate the detected building. However, soon a group of eight scientists representing different fields of science, plans to begin a more active phase of the excavation, to ascertain if the body of a Christian Saint do still stay in Demre.

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