“”Borg/McEnroe”: to the bitter

In rolling out a film about the famous tennis the final of “Wimbledon”

A scene from the movie “Borg/McEnroe”Photo: Nordisk Film

In the Russian rolling out the film “Borg/McEnroe” about the legendary final of Wimbledon 1980.

The Swedish tennis player björn Borg (Sverrir Gudnason) – four-time winner of Wimbledon is coming to the tournament hoping to take the Cup for the fifth time. Borg is known for its Nordic serenity, for which the media even nicknamed him “king”. Few of the fans of tennis know that as a child he was expelled from the section for bad behavior, and after a nervous breakdown he had a peculiar set of rituals – from how to choose a racket with a coach (Stellan Skarsgard), to what to wear. Against him in the final American John McEnroe, famous for their bad behavior, precatalysts with judges and bad relationships with players (Shia LaBeouf, who seems to have played himself). Approaching the finale of the tournament, which will determine the winner.

It does not matter whether you knew, before watching the outcome of the game in the picture is Denmark’s Janus Metz Pedersen (worked on the TV series “True detective”) the main thing is the voltage, which, in accordance with the drama of the tournament, rises to the highest point to the final game. While the heroes overcome the preliminaries, we show the path of both players (but more precisely the Borg) to the match for the title of the first racket of the world. And found, of course, that seemingly antagonists Borg and McEnroe have a lot in common: difficult relationship with parents, childhood traumas and the full impact of the game, the flip side of which is total loneliness.

If you define this match, the whole film is in one word, it “catharsis”, but one tension that the filmmakers continuously injected, the movie: a long pause and a dramatic gesture on the second hour of screen time is tiring, and even produce the opposite, a comical effect. Due to the exceptional seriousness of the film, for example, loses its humorous twin brother, the full-length joke “Seven days in hell” from HBO.

In addition, Pedersen seems to be looked at one pretty obvious thing: what athletes are making a superhuman effort to win at this level, it is well known, it makes a great sport so exciting spectacle – and therefore the match Borg/McEnroe as the confrontation of two wills automatically becomes more interesting than the story of the characters to him in the film “Borg/McEnroe.”

At the same time, the film is impossible to deny the fascination and in some milot – where else can you even look at SIU LaBeouf sports a bandage on his head and retroforma, running around the court?

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