Echo report McLaren: Russian athletes under a neutral flag determined award

The Russian government has determined the amount of the premiums sportsmen in international competitions under a neutral flag.

photo: AP
Anzhelika Sidorova, the Russian vaulter, competed this year under a neutral flag.

Recently this topic has become highly relevant for the Russian athletes. In connection with doping scandals and the ongoing “investigation” of McLaren, many Russian athletes (which is typical — no evidence!) excluded from participation in major international tournaments. In particular, at the moment, about 90 track and field athletes of the Russian team denied the right to participate in international competitions due to suspension of the Federation for violating anti-doping rules.

In society the debate continues: how ethical the athlete to be not under the flag of the Motherland? Most of our prominent athletes urge all to boycott such competitions. On the one hand, to achieve equitable solutions in the international courts, and on the other to conduct more international tournaments in Russia.

But there is another point of view. For example, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev calls a valid refusal of the Russian athletes from the flag of their country. Given the current world situation around national sports, performances can be held under a neutral flag, he said. If the athlete feels on top form — why wouldn’t he show what he’s capable of?

Yesterday Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree, which determined the size of the prizes of the Russian athletes, competing at international events under a neutral flag.

In accordance with the document, for the victory at the world championship Russian athletes will receive for 224 thousand rbl., and for winning the championship at 112 thousand.

Award for silver medal at world and European Championships established in the amount of 112 thousand RUB thousand RUB and 56, respectively, for the bronze with 67.2 and 33.6 thousand RUB thousand RUB

The coaches of these athletes will also be able to receive rewards from 14,4 thousand rubles up to 107,2 thousand RUB depending on the level of competitions and medals.

At the same time set the amount of premiums (in the amount of the same premiums for athletes) to athletes, who competed in Paralympic sports.

It is noted that cash payments will receive and Paralympians, refuse to perform under a neutral flag, but showed in the Championships of Russia, the results are not worse than the winners and prize-winners of world and European Championships, as well as winter and summer Paralympic games.

Recall that a few months ago the government approved the size of the awards to the winners of the Winter Olympics – 2018 in South Korea. For “gold” – 4 million roubles, for “silver” and “bronze” respectively 2.5 and 1.7 million.

Review of the Deputy of the State Duma, Olympic champion Svetlana Zhurova:

– I the supporter of that the Russian athletes have every right to compete under a neutral flag, especially in the current situation. Because the sport for whom? For the fans, not for politicians who come up with different obstacles. And when on the highest step of the podium is our athlete, and plays did not understand what the anthem and the fans in the stadium, and the whole world knows it’s the Russians! I think there should be no debate.

– What can you say about the reward for the winners under a neutral flag?

– Can not say anything, the issue is complex, you need to watch details. For example, when I became the 1996 world champion, I have not received any bonus.

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