Portugal, Holland and Turkey may not arrive at the 2018 world Cup

5-10 of October will be held the matches of the final rounds of European qualification for the world Championships which will be held in 2018 in Russia. There are teams that have already secured their tickets for the world Cup next summer, but in most of the qualifying groups full football fight for the right to get to the world Cup. MK talks about the standings of the teams, making emphasis on the most intriguing matches.

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Group A

Remaining matches:

07.10: Sweden — Luxembourg, Belarus — Netherlands, Bulgaria — France

10.10: France — Belarus, Luxembourg, — Bulgaria, — Holland- Sweden*

“MK”: the leadership of the group And the French may lose only a wild coincidence. Victories in the remaining matches of the team Didier Deschamps over the Bulgarians and Belarusians daunting tasks don’t seem so teams of Sweden and Holland in Amsterdam, where they will meet in the final round of euroqualification likely doomed to fight only for second place. By the way, to serve this extremely important match entrusted to the Russian Karasev. At approximate equality of forces in this pair of solutions Sergey Gennadyevich at key points largely will depend on which of the opponents will get in the play-off games, but who remain behind the 2018 world Cup.


Remaining matches:

07.10: Faroe Islands Latvia, Andorra — Portugal, Switzerland — Hungary

10.10: Latvia — Andorra, Portugal, Switzerland, Hungary — Faroe Islands

“MK”: in this group the tournament intrigue is very simple — the national teams of Switzerland and Portugal will compete in the final round first place in an internal meeting. The reigning Champions have a better goal difference and goals conceded in the case of the victory in Lisbon over Switzerland will come out on top. On the other hand, Switzerland in the final round is quite satisfied with a draw, but still need to win on the home field strong Hungarians, who because of a lack of motivation in the League can fail the match and to play freely and safely.


Remaining matches**:

05.10: Azerbaijan — Czech Republic, Northern Ireland — Germany, San Marino — Norway

08.10: Czech Republic — San Marino, Germany, Azerbaijan, Norway — Northern Ireland

“MK”: in this group the intrigue continues to exist except on paper. To intervene in the distribution of the first two places no one except Germany and Northern Ireland, has a mathematical chance. And in order to make the Germans lost after the first line, they need to lose and superorganized, and Azerbaijanis. In the case of defeat against Northern Ireland and a draw with Azerbaijan, the Germans could allow competitors to gain equal number of points, but in this case, to stay ahead of the Germany national team, the Irish need to beat rivals with double-digit score. To believe in such a development impossible.

Group D

Remaining matches:

06.10: Georgia — Wales, Austria, Serbia, Ireland — Moldova

09.10: Moldova — Austria, Serbia — Georgia, Wales — Ireland

MK: coming in first place for Serbia’s retention of the conquered positions, you in the final two rounds to win at least once. In last match of selection Serbs will be meeting in his field with more wins in the qualifying tournament Georgia, so his ticket to the world Cup wards Slavoljub Muslin most likely will not miss. But for the second place struggle is expected serious.

A key match in the distribution of seats appear to be meeting the Wales — Ireland. The winner of this match with a high probability will be the second in the group and will travel to the joints. But the Austrians can climb to the second position only when a fabulous coincidence. This must be the same as several unlikely events: the simultaneous defeat of the Welsh and the Irish in matches with Georgia and Moldova, respectively, the draw between Wales and Ireland in the final round and own two victories over Serbia and Moldova. With the victory of the Austrians should be extra-large.

Group E

Remaining matches:

05.10: Armenia — Poland, Montenegro — Denmark, Romania — Kazakhstan

08.10: Denmark — Romania, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Poland — Montenegro

MK: if Romania, Armenia and Kazakhstan in the fight for the first two lines don’t participate, Poland, Montenegro and Denmark have roughly equal chances. A little more preferable is the position of the poles having a gap from the competitors in the 3 points, but quite smooth, the group retains the risk of loss of points by all participants.

The easiest way to formulate the problem of the Montenegrins, who for the first place is enough to win both games. But the matches these — with direct competitors. The loss of points in the meeting with the Danes wards ljubiša of Tumbakovic will force the Montenegrins to forget about direct hit at the world Cup. At the same time in the final round of the departure to Warsaw can pass in Lite mode, because in case of victory of the poles over Armenia already provided to itself the permit in Russia, the opponents will not have a tournament motivation in the last qualifying match.

The situation is similar in Denmark, which, however, it is difficult to count on 1st place due to the inadmissibility of a set of points any of the players in the match Poland — Montenegro. For starters, the team age Hareide will have to beat the Montenegrins in Poddebice, and then defeat the Romanians at home and wait for the desired result of the Warsaw match competitors.

Group F

Remaining matches:

05.10: England — Slovenia, Malta — Lithuania, Scotland And Slovakia

08.10: Lithuania — England, Slovakia, Malta, Slovenia — Scotland

“MK”: to believe that the British in the home match with Slovenia can lose points is still possible, but a variant in which motivated after failure with Slovenes wards Gareth Southgate still lose in Vilnius, it seems fantastic.

On a trip to the joints expect with roughly equal chances Slovakia, Slovenia and Scotland. The former have a one point from the competitors, and the match against Malta in the final round, which can now chalk up 3 points. It turns out that the decisive match in the fight for second place will be meeting Scotland — Slovakia. In case of a victory of the guests that they will be the second. It should be recalled that one (statistically the worst) of the nine finished in second line teams in the play-offs will not take part. The second team from group F, as, however, and the second teams of groups D and H, the highest probability to become the 9th extra.

Group G

Remaining matches:

06.10: Italy — Macedonia, Spain, Albania, Liechtenstein — Israel

09.10: Albania, Italy, Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Israel, Spain

“MK”: the intrigue in group G can be seen only if very strongly to want it. Theoretically, the Albanians could compete for the second place but for this they need not only to defeat the Spaniards and Italians, but also to wait from the last defeat in his field from Macedonia. Given the fact that national teams of Italy and Spain with each other not to meet, the probability that these teams will finish in the same order as now in the standings, is very high.

Group N

Remaining matches:

07.10: Bosnia and Herzegovina — Belgium, Gibraltar, Estonia, Cyprus — Greece

10.10: Estonia — Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece Gibraltar

“MK”: the Belgians got lucky with the opponents in the group, so it is not surprising that Roberto Martinez was the first European early secured a place in the final stage of the world championship. But for the second place battle is expected serious, and the chances to get through the joints, even the Cypriots. Each of the trio Bosnia — Greece — Cyprus has its advantages. Bosnians have a head start of 1 point. The Greeks did not play the final two rounds with the Belgians, and 6 points in the matches against Cyprus and Gibraltar for the Greeks are quite achievable. Cyprus is the national team of Greece in his field, and in the final round, goes to visit Belgium, the coaching staff, which after a tiring match against Bosnia and Herzegovina may give rest to all the leading players.

Group I

Remaining matches:

06.10: Croatia, Finland, Turkey, Iceland, Kosovo — Ukraine

09.10: Finland — Turkey Ukraine — Croatia, Iceland, Kosovo,

“MK”: “group of death”, dubbed as group I immediately after the draw, have fully justified their status. From 4 teams 2 rounds to go they have chances to take one of the two first places. Each of the contenders for a place in the final stage of the world Cup will spend one match with the outsiders of the group (Finland or Kosovo), so that in the end everything will be decided in face-to-face meetings. The winners of the matches Turkey — Iceland and Ukraine — Croatia is likely to occupy the top two positions in the standings. In the case of draws in selected key meetings advantage on the side of the Croats and the Bosnians with the Ukrainian and Turkish national teams the 2 points.

* — selected key from the tournament point of view the matches.

** — the matches of the 9th round in groups C, E and F, produced November 5, ended after the signing of the rooms.


The spots in the final stage of the world Cup from Europe get 14 national teams. The national team of Russia on the rights of the team’s home exempt from passing the qualifying round and will automatically become the owner of the accreditation for the world Cup. The remaining 13 passes for the world championship will be distributed as follows: 9 vouchers will be awarded to teams winning 9 of the qualifying teams, 4 will compete in the play-offs to 8 teams who finished in the qualification group second (the second worst of the teams in the joints does not fall).

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