Consumers will be able to learn the history of any product by scanning the QR code

To trace the history of origin of yogurt or sausage can consumers in the near future. With the help of special strah code on the label and smartphone can be, for example, to know which cow gave the milk for a specific jar of yogurt.


As told “MK” in the Rosselkhoznadzor, the innovation is planned to start from January next year. Then work the new system of electronic veterinary documentation. To replace the paper certificates and the origin of the meat, fish and milk will come digital version, combined into a single computer database. In this way auditors plan to nullify the risks of counterfeit veterinary documents. Moreover, any user using the database can learn all the details about the product. On the packages of food of animal origin will be a special bar codes. Hovering over it a smart phone or other gadget with access to the Internet, the buyer is not walking away from the counter will be able to know which farm grew the chicken or which port frozen fish. In addition, officials are going to significantly expand the list of products that must be accompanied by veterinary documents. Now the list includes poultry, meat, fish, eggs, raw unpasteurised milk and honey. With the new year the list complement all finished dairy products: yogurt, sour cream, cheese, yogurt, and cheese, ice cream and baby food. Also certificates will be required for sausage and deli meats, all types of animal feed, canned meat and fish, as well as semi-finished products with a content of meat or fish. Finally, veterinarians will check for the quality and safety of ready soups and broths and even gelatin and mayonnaise.

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