Shakro admitted that helped ex-spouse Maksakova become a thief in law

Hot as ever and it was noisy on Tuesday in Nikulinskiy court. Still: here I began to listen to the merits of the case about one of the most high-profile gang warfare in recent years — the shooting near the cafe Elements on Rochdelskaya street in December 2015. The echo of the massacre, in which 2 persons died and 8 were injured, swept many offices of high-ranking security officials. But those caught in bribery of the leaders of the TFR is not yet judged. Yesterday before justice is brought to those with whom it all began. He Shakro Young (by passport Zakhary Kalashov), Italian (passport Andrey Kochanov) and the entire GOP company, only 14 people aged 29 to 64 years. They are accused of extortion of large sums from businessmen of the capital, in particular the owner of Elements restaurant Jeanne Kim and General Director of a big joint stock companies of the Lion Garamova.

Photo: The Agency “Moscow”.

The process began two hours after the stated time. When I finally dock the escort wound up in the hall, someone of the journalists shouted, “With your submission the status of the thief in the law was Vladimir Tyurin?”

Covering the face to

apsona Kalash answered softly, “Yes.”

We will remind, ex-wife Opera prima Maria Maksakova Mr. Tyurin law enforcement agencies of Ukraine on the eve was called the organizer of the murder of her late husband Denis Boronenkov.

After that, the court’s staff called in the only room of the accused under house arrest. A former police officer 46-year-old Evgeny Surzhikov under two meters tall and stately he passed through the crowd. Near the door, where was about to begin a meeting, standing strong men in leather jackets. One of them reacted aggressively to photographers. Between them skirmish ensued. After this, the same citizen was telling the press: “Please do not take places, there are a lot of relatives!” he shouted. The rest supported him. Presented by brother Surzhikova, the man expressed dissatisfaction with the media publications about his relative: “You write the truth!”

However, numerous relatives, family and friends (it was mostly stern men) defendants need not have worried. In the hall turned out to be enough benches for everyone.

For the 13 defendants in the case had the two cells. They don’t just smile — just lit up with happiness. Native they waved in response.

Instead of victim Jeanne Kim was her representative, an elderly man. Second, the victim and his lawyer in court was not.

After that the Prosecutor read out the plot of the indictment. According to her, Shakro Young, who served in the criminal hierarchy leading position, formed an organized criminal group for the division of spheres of influence. It includes designer Fatima misikova previously convicted Andrey Kochanov nicknamed the Italian, and others. In the group was single Fund, a so-called common Fund. All income personally disposed of the Kalash. He gave orders about the involvement of new members — mostly athletes and those with experience of warfare. For them to conduct sports training and shooting range. Gang members taught ways to respond to detention in cases of criminal prosecution. The purpose of Shakro was to obtain material benefits. For this his men were in search of people with a significant profit. Thus in their field of view was a businessman Jeanne Kim from Kazakhstan. “She ordered Fatima design of the restaurant,” said the Prosecutor.

When all the work has already been completed, on Kim’s “hit” people Kalashov and asked her the alleged debt or the restaurant itself. To the businesswoman fell threats. She refused to follow the tastes of criminals. In the end it ended in a shootout, in which participated Andrew Kochunov and his subordinates. Kim immediately went home.

Kalashov said that guilt does not recognize. His lawyer Alexander gofshtein said that Shakro will give testimony after the presentation of evidence by the prosecution. Similarly, said other defendants in the case. “This accusation is of an unhealthy imagination of the interior Ministry”, — said the Deputy Director chop “the Defender” Alexander Golubev.

The next meeting is scheduled for October 17, it is planned to interrogate victims and witnesses.

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