“Superlicence”: in court, the friends have defended the lady driver that hit “drunk boy”

At the next session on the case of loud crashes in the suburban Train, which killed 6-year-old Alesha Shimko, on Tuesday expected the interrogation of the defendant. But the first testimony given friend Olga Alisovoy on behalf of the Arno working on the trading floor store network. Immediately after the accident the defendant called him on phone and said that he had an accident.

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Actually beneficial tried calling brother a witness, but the phone that was out of reach. After 7 minutes after the bell both men were on the scene of the accident.

– And what kind of relationship your brother had with the defendant? – said the Prosecutor.


– Well, that’s understandable. And what are they based?

– On the job.

Apparently, Olga beneficial strongly trust their colleagues, because in the course of the questioning it turned out that my brother Arnaud was the attorney for driving Olga. And the place of the accident, she gave the two brothers the keys to the Hyundai.

During questioning, he remembered that once he and his brother saw Olga, the first thing he did was ask her if someone is “fast”.

“She looked at the phone and said “7 minutes ago like (called)”. And then Olga tried to call doctors to get them to hurry”.

Witness is lying, sharply shouted after these words, the Pope downed boy Roman Shimko.

But the judge gave him a warning. Then, coming to the journalists Roman said that call details of telephone Olga no emergency numbers.

In the ambulance, according to this witness, she did not. And this is leaving a person in danger. We will seek to have her prosecuted for this article.

In addition, as the said Roman, according to the detail it turns out that in the time of the accident alisova was just on the phone talking to Arno.

– Hitting, according to the investigation, was produced in 18.55. And in 18.44 with her recorded phone call to this witness, – said Roman.

However, the lawyer of the defendant insists Olga called brothers after an accident.

– Why, do you think that Olga did they call you? – asked of a witness by the Prosecutor.

To help. Because the man in the white cap campaigned to make lynching,shouted: “Let her burn”. And my brother even had to stand at the door of the car traffic, so people are not killed Olga.

The lawyer asked the witness to elaborate on the identity of the defendant.

– She’s super – girl. I love it – rained epithets Arno. And it drives well. She gave me a ride sometimes to stop, so never traffic rules are not violated. What about her telling TV reporters that she is the wife of crime authority that she has a lot of money, it’s all nonsense. There was a time when she finished. Well, not much thousands two.

By the way, one of the first meetings of a neighbor. who witnessed the accident, told the court that the boy suffered in the car for two middle Eastern men. Representative of the Novel Valery Zubov asked Arno if they are not, it was my brother.

– No, when we arrived, the child was lying in the back seat in the car Olga.

Then turned to the photos from the case. One of them really captured the pair of bearded men of southern appearance. But Arno said he was not familiar with them and don’t know who it is.

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