The lawyer, devoid of status for shorts and a bandanna, restored the rights

Mordovian lawyer Sergei Naumov, deprived of status because of the “inappropriate” clothes in which he went to the meeting, won a victory in court: he must now be restored to the status reported on the outcome of the meeting the lawyer of the International human rights group “Agora” Ramil ahmetgaliev.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The conflict around Naumova broke on may 10 of the current year: then, the lawyer came to court in shorts, a t-shirt and denim vest, he was wearing sunglasses and a bandana. The judge interrupted the process due to the failure Naumova change, in the end, the situation came to him in prison in July, law of status of local bar associations.

There referred to the fact that Naumov has violated the code of professional ethics of lawyers, who in the spring was amended, prohibiting the members of the Board to appear in the courts in the “bizarre”, sports, unclean or unironed clothing.

However, today the Lenin district court of Mordovia sided Naumova. His lawyer ahmetgaliev noted the injustice of the procedure of deprivation of the status: “the President of the Bar Association, instigate disciplinary proceedings, he is also Chairman of the qualification Commission, the one that decides whether there is a breach or not, and the President of the Chamber chairs the Council, which decides on the disciplinary responsibility”.

Naumov himself previously argued that the Chamber’s President, Alexander Amelin experiencing a personal dislike for him.

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