Head of Academy of Sciences Sergeev members of the Bureau: “If interested, make room”

The proposal to impose a new rule of rotation among the members of the Presidium of RAS was made on Tuesday, October 10, at its first meeting as the head of the Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev.

At the meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Photo courtesy of the “Scientific Russia”.

– I am asking all colleagues to think and prepare for one of the following meetings where we will start to discuss the issue with the possibility of rotation of the members of the Presidium during the period of five years of the current President of the RAS, – Sergeyev appealed to the members of the Presidium.

Its decision he explained that the current nomination of candidates, the composition of the new Presidium had only one day (after his election as President of the Russian Academy of Sciences). Meanwhile there sometimes get people who this job is not too interesting. “I have watched the attendance at the meetings of the Presidium of RAS during the previous four years. There were people that out of 90 sessions was less than ten,” said the President. – If there is no time if not interested, it would be better if you just humanly free space,” – said Sergeyev.

Head of Academy of Sciences added that the rotation does not mean a substantial change of the composition.

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