“The head of Catalonia is the Declaration of independence called for negotiations with Madrid

Carles Pujdeme called on the Parliament to suspend the Declaration of independence to facilitate the talks with Madrid and Brussels

Residents of Barcelona are watching the performance of Carles, Postemonitor: Reuters

– The chief Executive (Generalitat) of Catalonia Carles Pujdeme urged on Tuesday the Catalan Parliament to suspend the Declaration of independence to facilitate the talks with Madrid and Brussels.

“We propose to suspend the proclamation of independence to work on the implementation of the referendum results. Today we are making a responsible step in the direction of the dialogue (Madrid – if), – he said, speaking in the Catalan Parliament.

Pujdeme explained that such a decision by Parliament would facilitate further dialogue of Catalonia with the Spanish government and the EU.

“We need to start a dialogue. Otherwise, we cannot achieve our goal (independence – if). We need to calm the situation and step by step move towards our goal,” he said.

“We must not provoke violence. On the contrary, should reduce tensions,” said Pujdeme.

The head of the Executive government of Catalonia said he did not doubt that his people want to be independent from Spain. In his words, “the referendum showed that the Catalans want to be independent”.

“The people in the referendum of independence said “Yes”, and this for me is the starting point,” he said.

The leader of Catalonia has called a referendum on the independence of Catalonia held on October 1, “a political success”, stressing that the vote took place despite attempts by Madrid to put this process.

It was expected that Pujdeme declaring independence, based on the results of the referendum held on 1 October. Actually, the referendum was thwarted by law enforcement agencies of Spain and was accompanied by mass unrest, which led to numerous victims. The constitutional court of Spain, declared the vote unconstitutional.

Police earlier stepped up security measures in Catalonia, took custody of buildings of public institutions and blocking the entrance to the Park around the local Parliament.

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