In the ice of Antarctica formed a hole the size of Republic of Altai

Canadian scientist Kent Moore of the University of Toronto, specializing in the physics of the atmosphere, spoke about the huge hole that appeared in the ice of Antarctica. Its area is (about 90 thousand square kilometers), which is comparable to the Republic of Altai or the American state of Maine.


The specialist noted that to learn about a huge hole allowed exclusively satellite images — it was formed hundreds of kilometers from the edge of the glacier, and it could simply no one to know. Moreover, the mechanism of formation of these sites of melt water have so far hardly been studied by experts. She looks so, “as if someone just punched a hole in the ice”, said the scientist.

Moore added that the last time a huge hole in the ice almost in the same area appeared in the 70-ies of the last century. According to him, even in General, the reasons for these events remain a mystery, thanks to satellites and underwater research devices for 40 years, the experts managed to gather a huge amount of data, so the researchers much closer to answers to many questions about this phenomenon.

The specialist believes that an understanding of the reasons in the ice of Antarctica has formed ice would bring specialists to the understanding of the “broader” picture of the processes occurring in this region.

Last summer attention was drawn to a huge iceberg with an area of about 6 thousand square kilometers, the breakaway is located in Antraktida glacier Larsen S. Only recently preserved at the moment the fragments of the iceberg managed to capture in the optical range, since the South pole was dominated by the polar night. In General, experts note that over the past six months in the Arctic have been many events that are of interest, and sometimes concern of climatologists.

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