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Marina Raikin of those rare people who does by itself created a profession. It does not become boring academic critic in the usual sense — within this framework, it would be too crowded. And it is not a critic by nature: I never sought to seek out in someone’s creative shortcomings, blunders, bloopers and these failures otpiaritsya, make a name for yourself. She’s just inherently in the genes its not like that. At the heart of its worldview — always a positive, creative motive, she’s not a journalist-breaker by nature, living by the principle “to whom war and to whom mother is native”; its internal necessity — any information, any creative experience to pay for good and to create new meanings.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

So if you ask: what is Raikin? — you can answer in one word: Raikin — the birth. Which is always new and beautiful. All of her reviews, not just reviews, but coverage (the smell of the theater, even the veil of intrigue, anxiety and great things), is not the other side of the fence, but a harmonious continuation of the highest theatrical life on paper. High!

The hand of Marina noble. She is gentle, not chalk, not momentary. She is well aware that any clouds pass and the sun remains.

Theatre has always captured her, she bathed in it, to the point that personally, not once or twice went on stage. Let in the crowd, albeit in unrecognizable makeup — it is incredibly drawn inside the process, and that passion is a natural passion of this red beast! — poured on the pages of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, her book about the backstage of Moscow, in her phenomenal work of Galina Volchek in her author’s song festival named after Andrey Mironov, now — in “Gavroche”.

…Times change, greatly change people; come in the editor of the new interns, often devoid of any life orientation, attitudes, influencers, and always show them Marinkina texts — the best of the best, so different, surprising, fresh and brisk idea — whether it’s Polish actor existence Pope John Paul II (this material Raikin was prepared a few years!) or front-page story about the magic of makeup, when it took a few hours to make up… under Lenin. Here’s how to work — without the cliches and imposed boundaries! Another thing is that to learn this is almost impossible…

Raikin never “stars” (one of the main journalistic vices) — it just was not enough time for this. It is tuned to write, to rise, to write, to give rise to any cost, yet lives and breathes. She is interested in business, not a private person, and — as any bright, creative person — she created your world, your universe, tightening it all around… And always (always!) was attentive to the young actor shoots with no fear of your graceful story, to read at the time, to write on the three lines, it would seem, tedious listing yet unknown names. She was doing it. Because the theatre he was always in the future, and not in the past, no matter how great it may be.

God endowed her with passion and wisdom, but in the life of the theatre there are tides, and there were moments when it seemed that the theater is not always worthy of the pen of such a cool Herald of high art, imprisoned not less than on an antique scale. She was the aristocrat of his profession. Although often in the crazy conversation could itself be called a very bad word, but immediately issued a crazy result. Anyone not relying. Sometimes even looking at her — I think it’s her though someone’s shoulder to cry on, well is impossible so, so many years to be become strong! But, apparently, no wonder the main character in her Ledger became a Volchek — that they are twin sisters…

Marina difficult to desire. It’s like wishing for anything van Gogh: “You, van Gogh, draw still, we like…” These people just yet. One in ten thousand journalists. When a man op! — combined passion, talent and will.

All that she touches, everything she starts any project! — they are fertile on their karma, they live-live-live, giving employment to hundreds of people.

It just quietly admire. Incredible, fragile, beautiful, redhead, charming, powerful, beloved woman.

…Well, congratulate her on the pages of “MK” all great and with great pleasure.

Galina Volchek:

Marina expensive! Happy birthday! Sure, today you will hear a lot of enthusiasm about your professionalism, brilliant pen, incredible journalistic flair. And it’s all absolutely deserved. I think all your victories would not have happened if parents and fate didn’t give you the amazing properties of the personality: you know how to truly love those who are interesting to you, do not stray into the flock and often against all odds to fight for their point of view, to believe and to defend the theatre that you know and feel. Health and many pleasures your whole beautiful family!

Mark Zakharov:

Marina — the jewel in our theatrical life. Constantly communicating to us the most interesting news from the Marina comes the most interesting bit of information, because we, of course, all the theatres to embrace I can not, and she can extract all the key, important thing in the theatrical life of Moscow. We, I, the theatre “Lenkom” most sincerely congratulate her, wish her health, happiness, all the best, but most importantly — inspiration. Marina writes all their stories and articles with great inspiration. And it’s perfect!

Mikhail Shvydkoi:

— After the brilliant Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky can say only two words: “No way!” Do not believe! Jubilee anniversary, but the Marina in my eyes, always a young lady, energetic, playful and extremely haven’t lost interest either to art or to life. She did a lot at this moment, has written a book about the theater, wrote many reviews and took a lot of interviews, but managed to be OUT of the theatrical process, and INSIDE of it. And her short relationship, perhaps, with all the theater did not prevent her to be sober, intelligent, and brave in their assessments. Apparently, she knows the secret of theatrical criticism — to write the truth and to keep good relations with those about whom she writes.

Her irrepressible nature is not enough just to journalism, so she does so many other real theatrical projects, most notably a festival “Gavroche”, which she did together with Teresa Durova. It is now one of the most attractive children’s festivals in Moscow.

It is impossible not to love — and it is hard to imagine that the theatrical life of the whole of Russia can develop without it. So I wish you long and happy creative life!

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