A Moscow court fined Telegram for refusing to issue the correspondence of the FSB

The world court judicial district 383 Meshchansky district of Moscow has fined the messenger Telegram for 800 thousand rubles for refusing to allow the secret services to read the correspondence of users, reports “Interfax”.

photo: unbox.id

The messenger had not complied with the requirement to provide information on the six phone numbers of users. What specific information is required, the Agency does not disclose, however, the state demanded that the Telegram access to the encryption keys. The Creator of the messenger, Pavel Durov already explained the technical impossibility of this procedure.

According to him, the messenger used the so-called “endpoint encryption”, that is, transmitted data is encrypted directly on the user devices, and the company itself does not possess the necessary keys.

Earlier in the Roskomnadzor has satisfied provided Durov references to open sources, which contained information needed to make a Telegram to the registry office.

Durov himself has repeatedly refused to make agreements with the authorities of various countries, including Russia and Iran, stressing that the messenger in any case remain available for their residents.

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