American, in what force: in the United States was the rap battle of Oxymoron and Dizaster

In the Los Angeles club Los Globos hosted a rap battle between the Russian by Myron Oxxxymiron Fedorov and American of Lebanese descent Bashir Dizaster Yagami. The contest was held within the framework of the international tournament of World Domination in the English language.

Live broadcast of the verbal duel led channel KODTV, founded by the organizers of the tournament for the right to watch battle on screen you had to pay $ 30.

Oxxxymiron (Oxxxymiron) — the first Russian rapper in the history of World Domination, to the rap battle he had read in English. The Russians began the speech with a quote from the movie “Brother 2” “tell me, American, what power?”.

In addition, Oxxxymiron has accused opponents of hypocrisy, saying that Yagami, being of Lebanese origin, stands under the American flag while US troops kill residents of the Middle East.

At the end of the speech, he expressed confidence that the rap battle, despite its aggressive nature, can help to improve relations between Russia and the United States.

The winner of the verbal fight is still unknown (to choose it would be the audience), but many believe that won Oxy. So, at the end of the battle, the rapper posted a tweet in which he said that he “drops the West.”

I drop the West

— Oxxxymiron (@norimyxxxo) 16 Oct 2017

A sharp increase of interest in battle rap in Russia was marked after the battle Oxxxymiron and Vyacheslav “Purulent” Malnova (aka Slava). Then Miron Fedorov lost, but the video posted August 13 on YouTube, has gained over 25 million views.

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