Appeal of traffic fines I want to do remote

State Duma deputies are planning to develop a bill that will allow owners to remotely cancel the incorrectly issued fines from surveillance cameras. According to first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Vyacheslav Lysakova, the procedure of appeal against erroneous decisions “is too bureaucratic and needs to be simplified”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Currently, the car owner has to go through “a chain of obstacles” to appeal “the happiness letter” from the traffic police, said Lysakov, “the parliamentary newspaper”.

So, the traffic police can not cancel its own decision, even when you see the error. In this case, the driver himself must come and write a statement or the Prosecutor should make a determination about the cancellation.

“A person is not guilty of infringement, when checked, it was confirmed, but remotely to solve the issue impossible. Technical mistake, and must suffer the car owner”, — he stressed.

According to Lysakova, errors in the resolution on the violation of the rules shall be revoked automatically, without participation of the owner. You need to provide to the competent departments right to eliminate incorrectly issued fines.

“For example, the owner on the website of public Services, under the penalties can click the window “Not my number”. After that, the staff of the division that issued the decision, once it is checked, and if the validity of the claims sent a fine basket,” — said the Deputy.

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