Do not give the world Atlas: Malopolski told about life in jail

On Tuesday Basmanny court of Moscow will have or extend the detention of the ex-Director of “Gogol-center” Alexei Malopolski or release him from prison. On the same day, the Metropolitan court will decide whether to extend the house arrest film Director Kirill Serebrennikov. The investigation asks the court not to change him a measure of restraint until January 19, 2018. And if he agrees, then all the Christmas and new year holidays both the prisoner will spend in prison, only pieces of silver in the home, and Malopolski – in camera “Kremlin Central” (the so-called Federal SIZO No. 1).

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The creative people behind bars is always more difficult. They quickly fall into depression, apathy, and sometimes even crazy. But Malopolski is a rare exception. In jail, he demonstrates the power of the spirit and elevates the mood and increases the cultural level of the inmates, lecturing on the subject of theater of the absurd.

Observer “MK” before the court visited Malopolska as a member of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow.

Alex Malopolski in jail for three months — from June 21, 2017. Time for some too small, others too big in order to get used to the isolation.

-I do not wonder to get used to, says Malopolski. The prisoner at the time our parish was preparing for a walk: the head cap instead of a scarf (he is in jail is not allowed) neatly folded and wrapped stylishly around the neck of a white towel.

Under his “bunk” – carefully collected bags. Like Malopolski is already preparing to go home.

In every second, ready to leave this dark abode, – said the Russian theatre cultural Manager (as it is called by the media). But neatly packaged things is also a sign of his delicacy, and the inclination to perfect purity. It is no coincidence that the camera Malopolska, which it shares with two accused of fraud prisoners, one of the neatest. Not a speck of dust, not a speck of dust. By the way, Malopolska resettled from the former inmates of the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev, blogger and street racer Erica Kituashvili. “That’s because in prison you need to suffer, and we had fun,” found the explanation Eric.

Malopolski, however, and outside this company cheerful. Says that could applies to everything where with great humor, if not for the sad reality. At the end of October at the international children’s festival “Marshak,” a program which was Malopolski, in the end will not come groups in some countries. Arrested the producer is sure that if he were free, I would be able to convince them to inspire.

But instead of having to organize a large-scale children’s party, Malopolski now writes dozens of complaints to various authorities about the violations in his case (he even called in jest the scribbler), reads “Doctor Faustus”, Mann and gives lessons on the theatre of the absurd (direction in Western drama). Inmates believe that such lectures help them not only broaden their horizons but also learn easier about everything. Because absurdistic plays always break the logic and the viewer is confused by meaningless jumble of facts, words, acts.

-All exactly in my case – says Malopolski. – The behavior of the investigator or the judge. In General, the investigation officers acting like a gambler, allowing yourself to fraud and other “tricks” for granted.

On the content Malopolski not complaining. But we find out that sleeping Malopolski clothing because, according to him, the less it feels the cold metal of the bed (the mattress is very bad and the crossbar underneath the iron).

– Family well-fed (transfer their parcel to order meals through the prison website), so I’m a local food not take. That is to say, save budget money. Anyway the food is not important. Here you last time about the cabbage that I ate, wrote. Is it the essence? I’m not “the orphan Kazan” and any burdens to bear. But here is the question.

-What’s that? – we are interested in.

– I have a world Atlas? Relatives sent him, and I refuse to give.

– Why do you even need?

– Always loved to study the geography of different countries.

– Maps and charts is prohibited, as we were told in the FPS, an internal instruction, because the prisoner allegedly can use them to escape.

– What I could do with the help of a world Atlas?

I don’t know… Maybe like one sci-Fi movie, you only need the geographic coordinates, and knowing them, you will open a portal.

-Such heights, alas, not yet reached.

A ban on cards, scarves and other nuances of prison life is still a little worried someone from the theater. But Serebrennikov, who had to spend the night in the IVS at Petrovka, now knows the features of the life of prisoners. As suggested by some colleagues, Serebrennikova and Malopolska surely now appear the theme of prison, and she will be well very realistic.

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