Flayer, postarevshih the cat in the machine, planning to make a new animal

Ufa Skinner — so called users of social networks native Komi Republic, who has put her cat in the washing machine and wash together with things. The execution of the animal 37-year-old Ivan Vasiliev took the phone. The cat died in terrible agony, he broke all the bones. After Skinner pulled the dead animal, laid in tray, made control the and put the photo session in the network. One of the cards sent to his sweetheart. And jokingly signed a photo: “Washed”.

After the incident, the girl dumps boyfriend and wrote a statement to the police. Law enforcement officers responded immediately – the next day after the incident, interrogated Vasiliev.

In respect of residents prosecuted. Now the man is under house arrest and afraid to leave home due to threats from countrymen.

photo: vk.com/Иван Vasiliev.

On the night of October 12, Ivan Vasiliev took on his chest. A liter of vodka or two – I couldn’t remember. The next day after the “party” woke up, looked in the social network and was stupefied — on his page hundreds of comments from unknown people with threats. When utimes kerf causing a scandal to his apartment getting raided by the police.

Girl Vasilyeva, which raised the alarm, met with Ivan a few months ago, says a friend of the butcher. – You know, he was released from prison just over six months ago. Why sat? Kind of hooliganism, I don’t know. But it’s not his first trip — he will not long delayed, only freed once again got into trouble. That night they spent together. Drank, and then got into a fight. A friend of mine went from him. Vasiliev has decided to revenge the beloved. Nothing more interesting could not think of how to “wash” her beloved cat in the washing machine. In the morning my girlfriend got an SMS from him — a photo of the deceased animal.

In 5.28 Vasilyev wrote to the girl: “I love you very much. Please excuse me”. Answer the man didn’t wait. And 40 minutes later sent the lady a card of the deceased animal. Signed: “Washed”. Then the butcher put on public display a spooky message, and attached a video of the bullying cat.

During the interrogation, still not fully sober Vasiliev tried to justify, say, the cat didn’t kill who did it — I don’t know.

That’s what the knacker replied with representatives of the local media, which provided “MK” screen with his comments.

Vasiliev: I’m sorry. Loved it. Not spotted. It is not necessary from me to do the beast. I’m going through.

– How the cat got in the washing machine?

Vasilev: Not noticed. He was curious. Not spotted. I’m sorry. Already buried him.

– You were shooting for 15 minutes each video while working washer and dryer. Why not turn off the machine?

Vasilev: it Was one video. Couldn’t turn it off. For me it is difficult. Not versed in household appliances. Spent half his life in prison.

Only a few days later the man confessed to police and admitted his guilt.

In turn, countrymen Vasiliev threatening to make a lynching, not only over her but also over his family. Network people gather a crowd to organize a rally in front of the house of the knacker.

– Vasilyev was locked in the apartment — it is not visible, not audible, even the light is not lit. He’s not answering the door, phones all disconnected. Here come the animal rights activists with strong guys, shouted at him, banged on the door, left some garbage on the rug. There are on duty in shifts some guys directly and say, “Yet don’t get it, do not leave” – say the neighbors Vasiliev. Himself Ivan the bold man, such a finger in the mouth do not put. And now silenced. Scared. Like to him not even the ambulance came, it was from all that is happening. He has a son from his first marriage. The boy for no reason that was hurt. In his address, the network is also a lot of hate mail, write that the son must meet the father.

Vasilyev really has a son from his first marriage. The kid goes to primary school. Judging by the cards in the social network, flayer communicates with the boy.

Ex-wife Ivana is now furious. She doesn’t understand what to do, says a friend of the POG. Her family looks askance the whole yard, her son is getting threats, the boy in school started having problems. Now the woman is trying to communicate with journalists, so they removed all the material about Vasiliev. But it’s unlikely she would succeed.

In the social network, the ex-wife Vasiliev left a comment: “Leave me alone. Why would you write about my son?””.

To our request for comment, the woman said rather rudely. However, it can be understood.

Look at the page of Ivan Vasiliev. Hundreds of friends, a lot of pictures with friends, girlfriends, son. Recently a man posted a status update: “don’t expect Friendship, about love do not cry, the truth can not prove it.” In the column “priority” indicated the family and children. About the relationship with alcohol wrote “neutral.”

Ex-girlfriend Vasilyeva, the one for whom the knacker had committed a terrible act — 24 years. Larissa (name changed — Ed) is outwardly a Tomboy with short hair. On her page she posted the same video with the cat and the census notes in the local press about once a loved one.

Never Larisa didn’t love him, it is necessary because someone spend time here and got in touch with Ivan – say girlfriend. – Met, made out and fled. They say that Vasiliev went nuts after the last of his release. The alcohol he couldn’t take. He hasn’t felt. Ivan didn’t even remember what killed the cat. Cried much. Sorry kitty. Now he thinks to make amends, wants to take a new kitten. Plans daily to take it on video to show everyone how feeds him, plays with him. Thereby thinks to redeem himself. In jail he really did not want.

In the network more than two and a half thousand people signed a petition demanding to punish the butcher and to sentence him to actual imprisonment.

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