“Russia 24”: we are flattered by the comparison with the dung

Leading channel “Russia 24” stated that they are flattered by the comparison with the dung: so they continued the controversy with the radio station “Echo of Moscow” that was accused of working for the West.

photo: pixabay.com

We will remind that employees of VGTRK put the blame Plusheva radio host Alexander and Tatiana Felgengauer, in particular their meeting with the staff of “Reporters without borders”: the ivy explained it by the struggle of another employee VGTRK Vladimir Solovyov — competitors: his morning radio show is at the same time the “Reversal” ivy and Felgenhauer.

In response to the first story of “Russia 24” about the “echo state” chief editor of “echo of Moscow” Alexei Venediktov posted a tweet about him: “What is Nightingale droppings? But. No, Villa on lake Como (owned by Solovyov in Italy – ed.) they do not Shine”.

After that, on “Russia 24” and said he was proud of the comparison with litter: it is, in their view, “a valuable potent fertilizer, as efficient as possible: the comparison is flattering because of the weeds on Russian soil divorced a lot.”

Employees VGTRK also suggested that the word “litter” could be meant the offspring, but this is considered a compliment, as “the offspring with the DNA of the state Department Russia alien”.

Ivy, commenting on the new plot of VGTRK, wrote in the telegram that he is “tired of jokes about hard drugs, but nothing else, alas, cannot be explained.”

Recall that joke about the “Nightingale litter”, brushed Solovyov was given by Ivan Urgant on air of “channel one”: so the host offered to call show on the TV channel “Russia”.

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