“The disabled child becomes an adult at 18!”

Raising a child with health problems is hard work. How do you think parents who have children with disabilities not only one but several? Meanwhile, some parents put on their shoulders this burden willingly — took on the education of foster children with serious diseases.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

October 16, the Kremlin’s most dedicated and honored the foster parents presented the Moscow award “the Wings of a stork”. With some of the winners — Maxim and Ludmila Knyaginino — talked the correspondent “MK”. In this family of 11 children, 7 of them are disabled.

The Knyaginin family became foster after the birth of her son Matthew. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. At that time, the couple was raising two daughters, so the wife of Maxim Lyudmila has left with the girls, and the father went with the baby to the hospital for rehabilitation. Maxim in the hospital I saw a lot of special children. And I realized that those of them who in addition is an orphan, the chances of a normal life almost no. He says that the heart ached to look at these children.

It was then that the couple decided to adopt a child with disabilities. The family moved from “odnushki” in a two-bedroom apartment, and was fated to find that a nearby boarding school for mentally retarded children. And soon, in the Knyaginin family appeared first foster child Gregory. Now the six-room apartment and enough space for everyone.

— Children have actually not eleven is the “official version”, and fourteen. After all three had reached the age of majority, but together we made the decision that they will remain with us, — says Lyudmila river.

The fact that the law Knyaginin must release the child on reaching the age of eighteen. That is, a young man frees up space in the foster home to the next. Of course, on the street, no one will. Housing is provided by the state. The question is — can we consider the eighteen-point of growing up for children with disabilities?..

— Alyosha seventeen years, says Maxim, is coming out next year will have to say goodbye. But I know for sure: one he can not live. He tries to do everything himself. But we reached the level of Polish carrots, onions, scrub the floor, but the cook still does not work. And he himself wants to live with mom and dad. Heard in passing that the rules are going to change to allow disabled people to remain with carers up to the age of 23. I’d love to believe that the issue will be resolved before Alexinho the age of majority, otherwise, we save on their own, as well as the rest of our guys, under age. For as much time as we live together, have an idea to buy a house. It would be possible to organize a private farm. Elementary provide children with work — plus under the supervision of parents. But this is all in the project. I do not want to let anyone for such a long time become one.

Talking about their parents ‘ secrets, father-hero says that the most important thing is to watch that children did not get tired, from school, from physical activity, from everyday life.

— If you feel that the child is closed, it’s time to take a break: don’t go to school, relax, and watch a movie. We often spend time together. Some people travel, and we go to the cottage. The children will like.

One of the most acute problems is medical.

Even with one child to go to health facilities is troublesome, — said Maxim — and if children eleven? Load of incredible physical and moral. Good BYO to secure a specialist on the family… the rest do fine, family friendly. Entertainment the same as everyone: watch movies, however, all the films are tight control of critics — my wife and… kids love horse riding — hippotherapy, and, of course, the arts. But the Foundation for children with parents. This no therapy can replace. Any person must build on what has laid in his mom and dad.

Award for contribution to the development of family placement of children-orphans “the Wings of a stork” was established by the Department of labor and social protection of population of Moscow at the initiative of the head of the city portal “adopt-Moscow” Armen Popov.

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