The investigative Committee opened a criminal case into the death of Dmitry Marjanova

The site of the Main investigatory management SK of Russia across Moscow region has informed on excitation of criminal case in connection with the death of actor Dmitry Marjanov. Yesterday it was reported that the actor died at the age of 47 years on the way to the hospital. The case was initiated under article “Causing death by negligence due to improper performance of their professional duties.”

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As reported by the suburban the investigating authorities in the investigation of the criminal case will be checked the information spread in the media that on Sunday evening in the city Lobnya Moscow region doctors refused to promptly provide medical assistance to Dmitry Marjanova who felt unwell. In consequence, he was taken to the hospital privately, but on the way he died.

The investigation intends to thoroughly examine the circumstances of the incident and to assess the quality and efficiency of rendering of medical aid to the deceased.

Currently, the complex of investigative actions to establish all the circumstances of the crime and the specific perpetrators.

Meanwhile, earlier MKRU reported that the press service of the Ministry of health of the Moscow region has issued a statement that an official audit. It has established that the call an ambulance arrived 15 Oct at 19:03. However, in 19:07 caller canceled the call.

The media, quoting friends of the actor, said that he became ill in the country and they decided him to take him to the hospital, as E. R. said that they only work six cars and all are occupied.

However, later came the testimony of another friend of Dmitry Marjanova, who said that the actor was not in the country, in a private clinic. But because it was specialized, there was the ICU doctors. Therefore, it is alleged, was taken from the clinic to another hospital. However, confirmation of this information.

According to preliminary information, farewell to the artist may pass on 18 October in the Central house of cinematographers, but the exact information will be announced later.

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