The police of Paris, commented on the detention of Pyotr Pavlensky

Emigrated to France of the Russian actionist Peter Pavlensky this time caught the attention of not only art lovers, but the French police. At about 4 a.m. local time he set fire to the building of the Bank of France on the place de La Bastille. So he wanted to call for a new French revolution, stating that “the bankers took the place of monarchs.” The blazing building quickly attracted the attention of the guards who detained Pavlensky and took him to the police station. “MK” phoned to the press service of the police of Paris.


Its position Pavlensky explained in the message, which was circulated by an activist of the Ukrainian feminist movement Femen Inna Shevchenko. According to the actionist, “the bankers took the place of monarchs.” “In our day the tyranny is ruled again everywhere. The revival of revolutionary France will ignite the fire of world revolution”, — quotes extracts from the statements of the French press. Thus, it is claimed that “in this fire the” start “liberation of Russia”.

A place for his new promotion — the Bastille — the artist was not chosen arbitrarily. “The Bastille was destroyed by rebellious people. People destroyed it as a symbol of power and despotism. But this place was built a new source of enslavement, who betrayed the revolutionaries and sponsored the criminal Versailles”, — stated in the message Pavlensky.

Anyway, the French police appreciated the efforts of the rebel. While makeshift revolutionary fires were gaining strength, two police officers knocked Pavlensky on the ground and handcuffed him. Judging by the photos from the scene, and an uncontested no resistance. Along with him were detained a woman who allegedly helped set fire to a Bank.

The press service of the Prefecture of police of Paris “MK” have confirmed that have detained two people for burning down the Bank. “You’re not the first who asks about it, — said our interlocutor. — However, at the moment we can only say what detained near the building of the Bank of France are in the police station. Of their further fate we can’t say this is all the information”.

The Bank of France said the portal Franceinfo that going to “file a complaint”. The management Agency added that the branch on the place de La Bastille will be temporarily closed because of the fire significantly damaged some of the buildings near the entrance.

In the list of creative promotions Peter Pavlensky has a similar incident. In November 2015 he set fire to the door of the building of FSB on Lubyanka. The event was dedicated to Ukrainian film Director Oleh Sentsov, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison, and was called a “Threat.” After that, the artist was arrested, and in June 2016, and sentenced to a fine in the amount of 500 000 rubles. However, the required amount he not paid, in January 2017 fleeing to France. There he received political asylum. Whether he is now deprived of that status remains unclear. Theoretically Pavlensky Paris for his “art” could face expulsion from the country.

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