Why Belarusian tractor produced in Cherepovets

To the question “where to produce a tractor “Belarus”, the answer seems to be obvious. Of course, Belarus. More knowledgeable people will report that it releases the Minsk tractor plant. But for the past few years this statement is not strictly correct. In 2011, the tractor “Belarus” rolled off the production line of Cherepovets casting-mechanical plant in Vologda region. It all started with a 150 Belarusian-Russian tractors per year, in 2016 the number of Vologda “Belarusians” has grown to 1712 per year. And, as it turned out, this is only the beginning. Correspondent “MK” in the Russian-Belarusian delegation of journalists of the Permanent Committee of the Union state of Belarus and Russia on 12 October took part in the significant event — the launch of the Assembly line for the production of allied loader – excavator CHLMZ 310 and the opening of the second conveyor line for the Assembly of Belarus tractors ranging from 120 horsepower.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

On-site CHLMZ this day was dominated by the “holiday rush”. Distinguished guests one by one arrived at the plant. The General Director of the enterprise Vladimir Boglaev was torn to pieces, but nevertheless managed to hold journalists to a tour of the workshops, in the course of revealing the details of a successful Federal project. According to him, the technology of production of Belarusian tractors CHLMZ bought in 2010. A year rolled off the first tractor. The project was mutually beneficial, as the produce tractors at the company, cast their own steel, and besides, according to Russian energy tariffs and credit interest, was much cheaper than in Belarus itself. It is not surprising that over five years the volume of production of tractors “Belarus” CHLMZ increased by 10 times. And for every sold piece of equipment MTW gets its “author”. With many components manufactured in Cherepovets supplies tractors Belarus, including hydraulic assemblies. And contributes to the release of new models of tractors in Russia by Belarusian specialists. From Belarus – chief technologist Alexander KEBO, chief designer, head of welding and Assembly shop and a number of leading experts. On the question of our Belarusian colleagues, whether in this case CHLMZ competitor MTZ, the CEO simply replied, “For many of us, Belarus is the Motherland. But to compete with the Motherland, no one is going”. As it turned out, Vladimir Boglaev — born in Zhodzina.

Joint Russian-Belarusian project has been so favorable that tractor production CHLMZ now occupy 30% of the total production volume of such equipment on the territory of the Russian Federation. Besides, tractors, combines production turned out to be a good export potential. Therefore, in the future the Cherepovets plant plans to increase production to 3-4 million units a year…

In the new factory building, which will be the Assembly line for the Assembly of the loader – excavator CHLMZ 310, meanwhile, everything was ready for the ceremony: the first tractor loader was “fallow”. Red ribbon, cheerful music, rushing out of the speakers — immediately remembered the good old Soviet movies. Finally the hour has struck. A new pipeline has taken large-scale Russian-Belarusian delegation. Our side was represented by General Director Vladimir Boglaev CHLMZ, Director of the Department of agricultural, food and road construction machinery of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Yevgeny korchevoi, Director of the Department of logistics of “Rosagroleasing” Alexander Kovalenko and Deputy Governor of the Vologda region Alexey Kozhevnikov. Belarus Deputy Minister of industry Alexander Ogorodnikov. Ribbon, cut in five places, shattered to pieces, the first tractor cheerfully flew up onto the dais and stood for a moment, under the flashes of cameras went off the Assembly line.

In the words of Deputy Secretary of the Union state Alexei Kubrin, production of Belarusian tractors at the Cherepovets plant — a major achievement in the development of the Union project. “In the framework of the Union state is realized not so many large industrial projects. Manufacture of agricultural machinery for the technology of Belarus at the Cherepovets plant is a happy exception.” he said. Appreciated the event and the Deputy Minister of industry of Belarus Alexander Ogorodnikov. According to him, we finally began to remember and to successfully return to the forgotten experience of the Soviet societies of production. And it is hoped that she will develop in other areas.

Meanwhile, the management plans CHLMZ and MTZ – transfer to Cherepovets number of Assembly operations for the production of engines for tractors. In addition, management of the Cherepovets plant together with the authorities of the Vologda region now discuss with the Belarusian colleagues the possibility of implementing another interesting idea — setting up a General transport company which will undertake the interstate transportation only by trucks MAZ. Import substitution – so import substitution. The question with competitors, carrying goods on the cars, the CEO CHLMZ Boglaev intends to solve is simple: “We move over them, and they had no choice but to move”. In General, life is movement and mutually beneficial cooperation.

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