23 years ago was blown up by the correspondent “MK” Dmitry Kholodov

17 October 1994, in the workplace, in the editorial office of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, was blown up by our friend and colleague, war correspondent “MK” Dmitry Kholodov. Dima handed over the briefcase in which the documents were supposedly about corruption in the army inside was an explosive device, which worked on the opening. One of the most notorious cases of murder of the journalist in modern Russia came to nothing…

photo: archive of “MK”

The perpetrators have not been punished, formally the murder of Dima not disclosed.

On suspicion in the murder of Dmitry Kholodov was arrested six — VDV Colonel Pavel Popovsky, former paratroopers, Vladimir Morozov, Aleksandr Soroka, and Konstantin Mirzayants, Konstantin Barkovsky and the employee chop Alexander Kapuntsov. The Moscow district military court released them “for lack of evidence” the Supreme court overturned the acquittal, a second trial again ended with the acquittal… Former defendants even received compensation for “damages”.

About how to put pressure on the investigation and disorganized affair, written in very great detail. Since the assassination of Dima was 23 years old, his death for us does not cease the pain and healing the wound. After the “elimination” Kholodov criminals have killed hundreds of Russian journalists, impunity continues to prevail.

Dima, we remember you. The bright memory…

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