“A U.S. Senate Committee has requested documents from the son of the former adviser to trump on the “Russian case”

– Intelligence Committee of the U.S. Senate asked Michael Flynn, Jr. documents in the investigation of alleged Russian interference in the presidential elections, reports on Tuesday, the TV channel NBC, citing three unnamed sources.

According to the channel, in the Committee interested in the work of Flynn Jr. in the lobbying firm of his father Flynn Intel Group.

Response from Flynn Jr. and his lawyer to answer the request has not yet been reported.

In September of this year, investigators in the United States involved in a case of alleged Russian intervention in the American elections, began to learn about the son of the former adviser of US President Michael Flynn.

In turn, Flynn Jr., tweeted that “it is not a defendant in any Federal investigation.”

Flynn, Jr., worked on the transition team that won the US presidential election Donald trump, but in December of 2016 because of the scandal left the team. His father was appointed Advisor to the President for national security, but lost his post when it became known that he did not give the user accurate data about their contacts with Russian officials.

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