“According to Forbes, Rowling is the highest paid celebrity of Europe

– British writer Joan Rowling became the highest paid celebrity of Europe according to Forbes magazine.

According to the newspaper, the author of books about Harry Potter earned over the last 12 months over $95 million (before tax deductions and commissions). She is the highest paid writer in the world and occupies the third place in Forbes world rating of the richest celebrities. The main income for a specified period brought her play “Harry Potter and the cursed child”.

Second in Europe in terms of income became a player of Madrid “real” Cristiano Ronaldo, who earned last year $93 million, thanks to a new agreement with the Spanish club, as well as numerous advertising contracts.

In third place was the British band Coldplay with earnings of $88.

The fourth line took their compatriot Adele – singer earned for the year $69 million.

According to Forbes, Rowling and Adele is the only woman in the top 20 of their rankings, which in General, 84% of men.

20 highest paid celebrities of Europe earned a total of $1.06 billion over the last 12 months. 12 of them represent the UK.

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