An American blew up the house with his wife for marriage to a Russian woman

In the United States resident of Wisconsin could face severe punishment for arson of his own house and murder of his wife. According to investigators, the 59-year-old man “wipe the slate clean” for the sake of the young girls, whom he met on the Internet.

Photo: Madison Police Department

Investigators believe that in the summer of 2016 Steven Pirus first shot his 50-year-old wife Lee Anne, and then created a leak of household gas in the basement of his house and triggered the explosion. Thus, according to the detectives, the man tried to conceal a crime, writes the Wisconsin State Journal.

Later on interrogations Pirus serially put forward different versions of what happened: at first he tried to convince the investigation that his wife alleged she has imposed on herself, then stated that if you killed suffering from depression wife at her request.

To set the exact date of death of the woman, the experts failed. But, digging into the suspect’s computer, investigators came to some Olga from Russia.

The police think that the Pirus struck up a virtual relationship with a young girl who was sent to “groom” their intimate photos. “Beloved,” discussed the upcoming move of Olga in the US and their upcoming nuptials.

The girl informed the American that she allegedly had problems with the visa.

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