Anna Chakvetadze: “Sharapova is one of the leaders of the Kremlin Cup”

Last Sunday we watched the women’s final of tennis tournament in Tianjin, and the next day began the matches of the main draw XXVIII of the Kremlin Cup on the courts of sports complex “Olympic”. Since 1990, it has consistently main event for Russian tennis, but today it brightened up special expectations. 21 the title is only in the single digits won the masters Cup. The fate of our this time?

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A long-awaited title to Maria Sharapova in China is a bit complicated to Russian life, but her decision to play in Moscow clearly added queues at the box office: tennis player, held for the last two years the fire, water and copper pipes, received a personal invitation from the organizers and many years later will play at home. Yes, Monday morning she had to hold the plane, but after the controversial reception by the public in Tianjin, where most of the audience was rooting for her young Belarusian rival in “Olympic” it will be much more comfortable.

Rushed from the Far East and Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova also won the title of the WTA tournament in Hong Kong. This is the third victory of our representatives in the season.

Alas, at the last moment withdrew from the tournament to its current winner Svetlana Kuznetsova: pain in left hand injury in the open championship of the USA — have not subsided. Came two stars British Johanna konta and Queen of courts “Rolan Garros” 2017 from Latvia Alena Ostapenko.

Can’t because of damage to play and significantly a lot more Russian Karen Khachanov. And our Andrey Kuznetsov and Daniel Medvedev by the will of fate have encountered already in the first round; heavy opponent Evgeny Donskoy, the hero of autumn Andrey Rublev with a grid was more fortunate.

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To unveil the Kremlin Cup “MK” will help our resident expert Anna CHAKVETADZE.

Maria has won a long-awaited WTA tournament on Monday became the 56th player in the world. Expected?

— At first it seemed that Masha will begin his comeback after suspension a little bit sharper, just win multiple titles, at least get to the semi-finals at any of the tournaments of Grand slam. But it did not. Start slow and from the point of view of psychology the victory in Tianjin it was needed. Played a few matches, a few tournaments at the appropriate level. But after the defeat to Petra Kvitova in the first round, it became clear that Sharapova is the main contender for the trophy. Not to say that she was just here in the final and Belarusian opponent impose her struggle. But the trophy after two and a half years there, even if it is not the strongest of the Asian tournament. It will give positive emotions, the fuse.

— Concerned that the player made a long flight in another time zone and another climate.

— Perhaps the first time in her career Maria Sharapova is flying to Asia from the tournament outdoors on matches under the roof. But his career had reached a point that no need to choose: she wants to score points this season to make next year easier. Now practice, see how he feels on the court “Olympic”. Her starting opponent, Dominika Magdalena Rybarikova, in principle, a good player, but at the tournament in Linz she was injured, and it is impossible to understand what the functional readiness it is today. And with all the merits of a Russian woman — one of the contenders for the title.

— In the final in Tianjin Maria twice been a runner-up, and in the second set, actually escaped after the 1:5, making three breaks. Disqualification of such was a rarity. That is, we are seeing a new format sorvolou tennis player?

— In its best form Mary did not stand on ceremony with competitors who were caught last week on her way. You need to understand that the level was average but all were gearing up for a big name. And Mary plays under pressure, that history is not affected. Because every person is a moment in life would be painful. Sharapova wants to play again as it is familiar to gain momentum. She has not yet revealed its true form: fiction practice people its stock. Due to the lack of started these problems with the first pitch. But the desire is there.

19 — year-old Belarusian Arina Sobolenko strong nerves in the final was no different…

— A young girl. Nerves were strung like a string, she first played in the finals. Expected to beat Masha. But I do not remember a peaceful Belarusians in the beginning of his career! The young are generally very sensitive to errors. With experience comes the understanding of how to behave on the court. It takes time.

— Back to the Kremlin Cup. The lack Kuznetsova, who is now 11, means that in the final tournament she did not play?

— The main eight already formed. The last known Frenchwoman Caroline Garcia, and I think Svetlana has a few options to get there even as a spare. It so happened that after the injury in new York, she did not miss tournaments in Asia, and it is always a time to thin. Kind of want to play, pain in the wrist is not urgent may be held. In Asia she played with the slice backhand, because it simply could not have a classic backhand with two hands to use it. It’s her decision. To win that’s just not happened, and the injury was aggravated. Pity, because Light loves this tournament and wins it. Will wait for the Australian open in 2018. Recovery time many more.

— Anna, in connection with the refusal of some players who will advise to follow closely with the first round?

— Latvia’s Anastasia Sevastova looks good. Plus the Russian Derby in the first round: Darya Kasatkina vs Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, which is directly from Hong Kong arrives. Is Elena Vesnina the grid such pulled at the draw… But I think one of the girls will be in the semifinals. Sharapova is located at the bottom of the grid, and there is the second seeded American Coco Vandevej. It is in this season performs well on fast surfaces.

— The Russian men in the first round also turned out Derby: Kuznetsov V. Medvedev.

Yes. Despite the fact that the winner goes on carreño Busta that who forgot, made in the semi-finals of the US Open. But with the support of the Russian stands one of our will be able to impose the Spanish struggle. It is a pity that starred Khachanov: Karen was a good mesh. I want to highlight Andrei Rublev, who recently cope with psychological stress finally takes the game shows in training, at matches. I think he has more chances to reach the semifinals.

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