“Black cash” Serebrennikov: the investigation has a new witness

The so-called “black cash”, which the embezzlement of budget funds allegedly existed in the “Seventh Studio”. This was announced at the meeting of the Basmanny court on the extension of the preventive measure the four defendants in the case of the “Gogol-centre”, including the Director Kirill Serebrennikov.

photo: Daria Fedotova

Long before the session of the Basmanny court began to gather indifferent to the fate of the accused: young and famous actors, critics, bloggers – in one word, entirely of the Moscow Bohemia. Cheerful crowd at some point has created serious congestion at the entrance to a small court. On the second floor was not easy – the hall door is “stuck” lucky break inside. Among them, small and exquisite, more like a teenager, actress Chulpan Khamatova, not just Express its position on the arrest of colleagues.

Every minute of people in the hall became more and more newcomers crowd was greeted by smiles. Someone friendly, someone sarcastic. So, some men with subtle stylistic taste is strong, the bailiffs escorted a surprised look, and exchanged glances, barely restrained smile.

Half an hour before the start of the process it was decided to limit entrance to the court. In the corridor earned the TV where it was possible to observe what was happening in the hall. Everything pointed to the fact that all the seats are certainly not enough. Nervous even lawyers.

– We will supply you with two benches – assured lawyer bailiff.

In a few minutes from the corridor really began to disappear from shops. Gave them to the ushers willingly because it increased the chances of an extra seat in the courtroom.

15 minutes before the start of the meeting in the crowd flashed the faces of celebrities. So, be sure banging his heels, swept to the door of the guarantor Serebrennikov Ksenia Sobchak. However, on the threshold of the unexpected happened. At the door her turned and the candidate had nothing to do but to dive into a dense crowd of ordinary mortals, not to be torn photographers. After Sobchak on the second floor there was the sister of oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov – Irina.

In the courtroom passed on the names – a total of no more than 20 people, including journalists, relatives, guarantors.

– Khamatova! Passport! shouted the bailiff, before you start to put in the hall. The crowd guffawed. Despite the fact that to many it was obvious “who is who”, the bailiffs insisted on compliance with the order. So the passport had to show not only Khamatova, but Sobchak, Prokhorova, Isakova…

By the way, going to court for Ksenia Sobchak, it seems, was not the most pleasant experience. Not only that, she is barely saved from the crowd its branded bag, and was on the verge of, not to be expelled from the courtroom, where so hard to hit. Blame the video she decided to make being in the hall.

I didn’t know that it is impossible to remove…,- chirped the blonde.

From the hall it is not thrown out, but to show personal photo in the smartphone bailiff she still had.

photo: Daria Fedotova

In the hall all the accused appeared at the round table. In fatal black Nina Masliaev (by the way, house arrest she obviously benefited: the woman literally bloomed), my little Buddha Kirill Serebrennikov, a bit confused Yuri Itin – all of them had to sit in close quarters almost touching each other with their elbows.

Relatively lucky Alexei Malopolska, which, unlike all the others, contains in jail and therefore in the Basmanny court sitting in the spacious chamber. Malopolski looked pretty good: gray cap, a tonal jacket and a satisfied smile. But the smile quickly gave way to indignation – investigators “dug” new evidence of his guilt.

So, the CCJ asked the court to attach to the case Protocol of interrogation of Valery Sinelnikov, who on Monday, October 16, gave evidence. A witness who, according to the case materials, cashed the money, “the Seventh Studio”, he explained, that did the same, and Malopolski. Illegal money schemes, carried out via “black cash”, which knew pieces of silver. In addition, according to the investigator, in the Studio on a regular basis, once a month, meetings were held, which were attended by, in particular, and artistic Director of “Gogol-center”.

– They Maslyaeva presented a report on the expenditure of funds, – said the representative of the RCDS.

Malopolski, and the rest of the defendants called the new data of the investigation untenable. And asked for time to study them. And only Masliaev, which, we recall, made a deal with the investigation, made to attach all the new materials of the case immediately.

By the way, a real scandal in the court arose in and because of the shape Massieu. So, the investigator stated that Massieu watch and she fears for their fate, asked to close the process and hold hearings without witnesses. This statement caused among the defenders of the uproar.

– Why 63-year-old Russian woman is under house arrest, a 61-year-old Jewish man not? – said the lawyer Globalscope, adding that categorically against the closure of the process.

Lawyer government statements about surveillance that made two of the daughter of Massieu considered funny.

Two girls tell about what they supposedly someone is watching. Them could follow only the operational staff of the FSB, which provide operational support, – said Dmitry Kharitonov.

The judge refused to adjourn the meeting.

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