Cut down the Internet: experts predict dangerous solar flare

If in our days repeated a powerful solar flare that hit the Earth in 1859, around the world, would be disrupted operation of power systems, satellite communications and the Internet. The damage in this case, there would have been trillions of dollars and provoked the outbreak of a man-made accident would have led to casualties. Unfortunately, such a solar storm in the next 100 years, scientists have concluded.


Previous studies have shown that in the next 10 years a similar outbreak in the Sun can occur with a probability of 12%, New Scientist quotes the words of Professor AVI Loeb from Harvard.

“A similar outbreak today could turn off any electrical network, all computers, all cooling systems of nuclear reactors”, – he said. Sesli flash will be stronger, it will damage the ozone layer.

In the XIX century such a solar flare led to the geomagnetic storm and, as consequence, to malfunction of the Telegraph network in the United States and Europe.

Scientists have proposed very costly ($100 billion) a way to protect the Earth from such overloads.: to pull between earth and the Sun something like a loop of a conducting wire, which would act as a magnetic shield. However, they doubt that it will be the best use of such a large sum of money. But think about how they arise and operate solar superspike, in their opinion, it is still important.

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