Deadly exercise: students die due to the negligence of adults and save

After the Minister of education and science Olga Vasiliev announced shocking statistics about 211 dead in gym class the students, experts and the public do not stop to look for the causes of the frequent tragedies. Unfortunately, in the current academic year the children continue to die with alarming regularity. On Tuesday, October 17, it became known that another student in Krasnoyarsk died from heart failure after the race in the classroom. Suburban children’s Ombudsman Xenia Mironova believes that the cause of the tragedy lies in the negligence of adults, as well as in total savings for children’s education and healthcare in the country.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According Mironovoj, one of the main causes of death of students during sports are not only a hidden health problem, but and criminal negligence of adults with the installation of sports equipment.

— 211 deceased students — this is a huge figure, in fact, we seem to have lost pupils to the standard of rural schools, — said the Commissioner for children’s rights in Moscow region. Unfortunately, a lot of this is due to incorrect sporting designs. A huge number of children in the country still die from falling of football gate, which just normally not fixed. It’s adult negligence, the negligence of officials and Directors of educational institutions that must answer for it.

In addition, Ksenia Mironova noted that today’s children are constantly experiencing tremendous overload, they work 12 hours a day, more than adults. In this regard, more and more students have health problems that can lead including to tragic accidents during sports activities. “Every day for seven lessons, various mugs and sections, our children are constantly experiencing a lack of power. In General to solve the problem with rising child mortality rates in physical education classes only in a comprehensive manner. In addition to control over sports equipment and reduce the burden on students it is necessary to increase the requirements for teachers of physical culture, as well as to ensure that all information on the health of the student came to the teacher”.

Cause of infant mortality lies in savings on healthcare, in schools lack full-time doctors. “Schools need to return health care workers. Their “optimized”, and between polyclinics and schools, only a contractual relationship.

According to the Chairman of the Association of teachers of physical culture and specialists of physical culture and sports profile of the city of Moscow Natalya Nazarova, in other cities the situation is no better.

Often three schools has at best one comes the doctor, who is unlikely to be at the right time on the spot. Also exacerbating the problem is the behavior of some parents who hide from the teachers the child’s illness. Such cases are, for example, had epilepsy when seizures have not been observed. But to tell us about any disease parents are required, as a standard exercise for healthy children can be dangerous for patients,” said Nazarov.

According Xenia Mironovoj, 2018 will come into force the new order of Ministry of health, according to which after each examination to the school will be transmitted all the data about the health of each student. In this case, the responsibility for the proper distribution of physical load for each student will lie personally on the principal of the school. Also with the New year will change and the mechanism of release of pupils from physical education.

“Children die primarily because of cardiovascular diseases. Due to the fact that teachers don’t know who you can run cross and who can not. Who better to walk 10 thousand steps. In 2018, after the examination of children of the school will directly receive information about the release from physical education”, — said the Ombudsman.

Co-chair of the National parent Committee, a leading psychologist, Moscow state technical University Yuri Obolon sure that all problems are rooted in state savings on the children: “I Want to appeal to the President and MPs, to tell them: enough to save the health of our children! On the ambulance! In educational institutions should be doctors, psychologists and professional teachers of physical education! Psychologists and physicians need not only to children but also teachers themselves! There were cases when, together with an injured child is carried away teachers with a heart attack or stroke,” said Obolon.

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