Director Dmitry Marjanova described his stay in hospital before death

On Wednesday, actor Dmitry Marjanov buried in the cemetery of Khimki. Still not officially announced the exact cause of his death. According to one version, Marianov drove from the country friends, in the car, the actor had a clot. On the other, in the hospital he was delivered the doctors of the rehabilitation center where he was treated for alcohol dependence.

We contacted the Director of the actor Alevtina, which denied the fact that the Maryanov was treated for alcoholism (read continued: “the Doctors “underground” clinic urgently went abroad”).

photo: Sergei Ivanov

I don’t know where rumours that Dima was treated for alcoholic dependence, – the beginning of the conversation Alevtina. That is not true.

– There were already witnesses who allegedly saw Maranova in the clinic for the rehabilitation of alcohol dependence — how can you comment?

I don’t read media, I only convey rumors. Don’t even want to watch.

– For your information, the Maryanov has not been in rehab?

– No, of course. We called, texted, about any treatment of alcoholism out of the question. He really was in a private clinic, but there treated spine.

– Do you know the name of the clinic?

– I don’t know the name, is a small, private clinic that works there his doctor, who had got him there.

Dmitry with this doctor long been familiar?

– Yes, very long years.

– That was Maranova with the spine?

– It’s an old story. He long ago received a serious trauma of a backbone which is periodically made itself felt. This time, the disease worsened, he became ill and he was taken to a rehabilitation center to recover. In the clinic, he was undergoing physical therapy, he was doing massages.

And he’s at the clinic became ill?

– Yes, it was there that he became ill.

– The resuscitator was not available?

– The resuscitator was not available because the clinic – non-core, there is no intensive care unit. When Dima became ill, the doctors called an ambulance, they reported that the fast does not come, so they decided to take it themselves. The account went for seconds, it was impossible to hesitate. Employees of the center took him to the car. On the road they were stopped by the traffic police. They explained the situation, and then they decided to accompany the car with the actor to quickly reached. To the hospital accompanied. But to save Dima did not.

Do you remember the name of the attending physician?

– No, but I know she has for many years followed the state Maranova even accompanied him on the film Keosayan “Mirage”. There are amazing one day it became bad back, could not straighten up, so he was taken directly from the set.

– You called up and Marjanovi while he was in rehab?

– Of course. And was talking on the phone, via SMS texting. If he was in a closed drug treatment clinic, where he’d been forbidden any means of communication.

– It turns out that the Maryanov did not suffer from alcoholism?

– Exactly what any clinic for the rehabilitation of alcoholics, he was not lying.

– Maybe you don’t know something? The investigative Committee now examines the very clinic where I received a call for an ambulance.

– I have not heard anything about it. This is a misunderstanding. Nonsense.

– The widow of actor that speaks about this?

– It is not up to the press and not to gossip. On Wednesday a farewell to Dima. Need to get through this difficult day.

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