Divided into men and women: approved by the crew to “fly around the moon”

Medical-expert Commission approved a core crew of insulation experiment “SIRIUS-17”, which starts on 7 November at the Institute of biomedical problems, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Mark Serov. Photo: imbp.ru

As reported by “MK” in the IMPB, the event is preceded by a series of simulations of long space flights, which is triggered by the scientists.

Victor Fetter. Photo: imbp.ru

Within a few years — from 2017 to 2021 — ground complex of IBMP, which is located at Khoroshevskoe highway, various teams from Russia, USA, Europe will participate in experiments lasting up to a year. In 2017, will be “flight” for 17 days, in 2019 — an eight-month “journey”, and in 2020-2021 years planned annual March of the participants “on another planet”.

Elena Luchitskaya. Photo: imbp.ru

In addition to biomedical tests for crews of scheduled a large block of psychological experiments.

Natalia Lysova. Photo: imbp.ru

October 11, 2017 at IBMP assessed General health information pre-selection of candidates. In the end, in the opinion of VEK, the admission to participation in the first experiment of “Sirius” received: Anna Kikin (a member of the cosmonaut corps of Roscosmos), the Ministry of IBMP RAS Elena Luchitskaya, Natalia Lysova and Ilya Rukavishnikov, and fellow of RSC “Energia” mark Serov and engineer from Germany Victor fetter (Fetter Viktor). The understudies crew assigned to: Oleg Ivanov, Polina Kuznetsova, Alexander Smoleevsky.

Ilya Rukavishnikov. Photo: imbp.ru

Scholars who have spent within the walls of the IBMP is not an experiment in long-term isolation, scored first in command for the new test “Sirius” equal number of women and men (especially in mixed “flight” men always prevailed).

Anna Kikina. Photo: imbp.ru

According to legend, the 17-day isolation from the outside world will be an imitation of the flight crew of earthlings to the moon, its flyby and return to Earth.

Polina Kuznetsova. Photo: imbp.ru

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