Experts have suggested that the cause of the death of Dmitry Marjanova was not a clot

Dmitry Maryanov not suffered any serious illnesses and did not complain of health. Can the blood clot to take the life of a completely healthy person? How to protect yourself? We talked to a leading researcher of the Department of myocardial diseases and heart failure of cardiology of the Russian name Igor Myasnikov FAT.


– Igor V. how dangerous fatal outcomes for healthy people?

– While there was no autopsy, we can only be assumptions. But one thing is clear: simply so on an empty place nothing will occur. There are risk factors of venous thrombosis. They can be divided into three groups. The first is the abuse of anabolic steroids (some athletes suffer and the so-called “pitching”), spinal cord injury, etc. That is the status that increase the risk of thrombosis in a high degree. In second place (moderate risk) — to bed the older person, cardiac failure in history. In third place (low risk), for example, obesity. The development of sudden death on an empty place in humans is unlikely. To the clots and it occurs in the venous system, must be predisposing factors. And there must be predisposing factors to ensure that he gets.

These factors can be called?

– Unfortunately, hardly anyone will be able to voice. And if anyone figures out it will be a Nobel prize. And we cannot ignore that Dmitri Maryanov cannot be excluded myocardial infarction. Maybe that some heart rhythm disturbances. Because sudden death can be caused not only by blood clot. When off the clot, develops pulmonary embolism.

– The media wrote that this is the case…

– This is only a guess. I repeat, it is necessary to exclude another heart attack and abnormal heart rhythm. But if we are talking about venous thrombosis, they should always be predisposing factors.

– Can we assume that it was frequent flights?

– There are works that describe that the flight more than 8 hours may be a risk factor for thrombosis. But the significance of this risk factor is still controversial. Serious work on this subject was not. Yes, the risk increases, but to what extent and from whom is the question. In any case, before a long flight aspirin does not reduce the risk of thrombosis is well established.

– Assuming that the ambulance would have come to Dmitri Marianowo in time — there is a chance that it would be able to save?

– Here I can not say anything. Some people die from blood clots immediately and some even in the presence of a serious blood clot survive. And say what would have happened if the ambulance arrived on time — all the same what to read tea leaves.

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– But still — are there any first aid to a man who has a clot? It is known that before his death, the Maryanov lost consciousness…

Here, too, it all depends on what is the main clinical pattern. If there is thromboembolism major branches of pulmonary artery (although the eye is not calculated, but can be assumed by the clinical picture), even with timely assistance and the availability of highly qualified staff patients very often die, as there are very serious circulatory disorders. Sometimes thrombosis of the medium and small branches. But correlation is not. Even when the thrombus in the small blood vessels may die, and in large vessels is to survive. So there is a lottery. A lot of factors involved in this process, and we can’t say what would have happened if the ambulance arrived.

– With the diagnosis too sad?

We can detect a clot in the vessels of the lower extremities, but to say what the risk of what will happen thromboembolic complication, we can’t. Blood clots are detected in the Doppler study of the veins of the lower extremities, as the principal sources of blood clots is the deep veins of the lower extremities and the pelvic veins. In this case, for the appearance of a blood clot in a person does not have to be a pathology of veins in patients with heart failure with the veins all well and good, but the disruption of the heart, the change of blood coagulation leads to the formation of blood clots. This is an example. Very high risk of such complications in patients with tumors. And veins they may be all normal, but changes in the body triggers blood clots. And sometimes a patient with chronic recurrent thrombophlebitis. In General, it may be so, it may be different, all different. Unfortunately…

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