“Experts warned of a serious vulnerability for all users of Wi-Fi networks

The problem lies in the WPA2 Protocol, which is used to protect networks

Photo: panthermedia/vostock-photo

– Experts warn of vulnerabilities in WPA2 used to secure Wi-Fi networks to track traffic between the user and the wireless access point.

WPA2 – the Protocol used for the protection of all modern Wi-Fi networks, so attacks may be subjected to all the modern protected Wi-Fi network, thus, in jeopardy around the world, said on Monday the Department for elimination of cyber incidents the Department of state information systems of Estonia (RIA).

As emphasized by the experts of the RIA, in order to avoid attacks in the future you should upgrade the software as soon as the producers will let him out. It is noted that you should check for updates to physical devices, and if necessary, update the firmware of the router. Only after that, as additional measures it will be possible to change the wifi password. Experts note that the change password Wi-Fi will not help to avoid the attacks.

At risk are computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that use the operating system Linux, Android and MacOS.

RIA advises to remember about basic safety rules – instead of an HTTP connection to always use HTTPS connection; do not send sensitive information via unencrypted connection, because the information in this case is transmitted in plain text; to use as additional security measures VPN services; unless absolutely necessary do not use public Wi-Fi networks, not to visit suspicious websites and never install software from unknown manufacturers.

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