Famous cardio surgeon Leo Bokeria commented on the death of actor Maranova

Chief cardiovascular surgeon of the Ministry of health, head of the Center of cardiovascular surgery named after Bakulev academician Leo Bokeria commented on possible causes of death of the Russian actor Dmitry Marjanov, who died yesterday at 48-m to year of life.

Photo: LENKOM Theatre

According to Leo Bokeria, a diagnosis which, presumably, Hello to the death of the artist, were so severe and required such a rapid response and medical care, under the circumstances, actually help and save the life of Dmytro was not possible.

“If Maranova was a massive pulmonary embolism, salvation is important the time factor. He needs to get into a very specialized hospital for rapid diagnosis, it is urgent to get operating and so forth,” – said the surgeon.

At the same time, the expert expressed the view that health complaints that were Maranova shortly before his death, was not necessarily the reason that led to death.

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We will remind, the Russian actor Dmitry Maryanov, died 15 August in the Moscow suburb of Lobnya in the age of 47 years. The funeral of the actor will be held October 18 at the Khimki cemetery after the memorial service, which will be held in Dom Kino from 11.00 to 13.00.

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