Gazmanov told about the accident: over the road stood a thick Mat

Oleg Gazmanov has shared in Instagram alarming news about the night of the accident on a dark road in the Russian hinterland. Like, no casualties, but obeschannyh “MK” contacted the artist to see how everything is in order.

photo: social networks

– Went at night from Berezniki in Perm, – said Oleg, – where I have a concert, and the car drove in two pits. The pit is small, true, but they Armaturny protruded, and somewhere on the weaving speed we twisted, two wheels broke. But it’s okay, no oncoming traffic was not. Just stood then for two hours because only one spare. While found the wheel or something… But nothing, all alive, all is well.

So, ride, you know, on the roads of Russia – the pits, potholes and protruding fittings…

The most exciting thing that pit local Perm authorities have already patched. I then called the local journalists… Well, what useful thing did their tour. I have a tour in Perm region, Tatarstan and Udmurtia. So here I am on the track passed and they are now with terrible force all the pits close up.

– A track, of course, Oh-La-La, Yes?

– No, you know, where we drove, the road was quite decent, if not for these holes. And so, in principle, can not say anything. They, of course, there are all alarmed… We are still standing, fifteen minutes later another car got in front of us stood up. I Mat so thick long hung there above the road. And the second wheel we from the second machine was brought in, with which our musicians moved. Somehow I screwed and have zashlepal to the hotel.

The pit, which was hit by a car Gazmanov. Photo: social networks.

– As the concerts are? New song people like me? Your “Macho” look aggressively to our hit parade “ZD” is already knocking.

Concerts are very good. Everywhere sold out yet. Small town, really. Tomorrow in Perm will be more. The level of noise in the hall do you assess the reaction to new songs. Better take all the “Live to live” and “the Girl with dangerous eyes.” A video I made for the song “Macho”, but it is all puzzling. Youth well received, and the older generation is not very understand this song.

– Must be relevant…

– Well, Yes, it is designed for the more advanced the music of the people. So I expected that reaction, not even thinking that its good enough will immediately accept. In ten days more than a million watched.

– Oleg, take care of yourself. Good that you now speak not only as a popular actor, but also an effective road Manager. You only hope!

Yeah. Well.

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